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Beneath The Rising Tide

BENEATH THE RISING TIDE started just over 3 years ago (2008), originally as a 6 piece metalcore outfit, the band has progressed to a 5 piece death metal band. Playing their first show to over 550 people, 150 of which came through the doors to see Beneath The Rising Tide, the band has been quick to find their feet and establish themselves as one of Melbourne’s most popular local bands. 2008 saw the release of 5 track demo, playing over 25 shows and in one month,

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There are at least 5 artists/bands named Ouroboros: 1) A technical death-thrash metal band from Australia (who changed their name from 'DRED' in 2008)
2) A brutal death metal band from France
3) A dark-esoteric-ambient act from Italy
4) A black metal band from Canada
4) A doom metal band from Pittsburgh, PA

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Allay The Sea

Allay The Sea are a Christian Hardcore/Metalcore band brought from the eastern winds of the Newcastle area.
In todays Metal scene it is easy to be labelled as not being original, Allay The Sea's aspirations are to show Australian and International audiences a unique style made by their sound.
A fusion of brutality and melody is the heart of Allay The Sea's unique sound.
2010 will be a big year for Allay The Sea as they are in the process of printing their debut EP "Descent".

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Emerald Vale

Emerald Vale is a 5-piece Australian Metalcore/Deathcore band. They where founded in 2009 on the gold coast by drummer Grady Hopkins and Guitarist Ryan Valois, soon they started to recruit new members with a second guitarist Cody Waldon, vocalist Zane Keating and finally Toby Adams on bass. In late February 2010 the band released a 5 song demo with which they have begun to build up a solid fan base around South East Queensland. Emerald Vale have gained much speed due to their intense live sets and their unique blend of metalcore and deathcore

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Alice Through The Windshield Glass

Formed in late 2007, Sydney's Alice Through The Windshield Glass ruthlessly fuse tech-death metal and hardcore, creating a menacing brand of modern death metal. Comprising of their 5 original members, the band have developed a predominantly deathcore sound with a writing style not commonly seen in Australia. Grant Eidintas and Adrian Sahid's guitar riffage have an evident European flair, accompanied by unrelentless waves of blast beats and double kick rhythms by Tim Cetin.

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As Silence Breaks

"As Silence Breaks are a Metal band from Sydney, Australia. With 6 years experience touring Australia a number of times and sharing the stage with some of the world's finest acts including Darkest Hour, Carnifex, For The Fallen Dreams, Whitechapel and The Red Shore as well as playing the Taste of Chaos Tour two years running in Sydney, the band have proven to be an unstoppable force in the heavy music scene.

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