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The Hip Priests

Formed in May 2006 from the ashes of near legendary Nottingham Garage heroes the X-Rays and London Punk ‘n’ Rollers The Divine Brown, The Hip Priests are the inbred backward bastard sons of Iggy, Johnny T, Hank von Helvete, Lemmy, and Handsome Dick. The ‘Priests, as their already rabid UK disciples like to affectionately call them, are an awesome, gloriously tangled mess of Rampantly sexual, Souped up, Lubed up, Fucked up, High action, Hot Assed Anthemic Sweat Sodden Rock 'n' Roll. A sweet 'n sweaty sonic tonic to accompany your recreational drinkin, druggin and fuckin'.

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A Rock n Roll band from Sheffield UK
We play loud rocktoss/dirtpunk/psychedelic- spazzpop.
Imagine your being chased by a set of Pumas...
@lowedanny twitter Dave Attwood-Drums Ian Hutchinson-Guitar Danny Lowe- Bass/Vocals

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The Superjesus

Lead singer and main song-writer Sarah McLeod formed the band in late 1994 with guitarist (and her guitar teacher at the time) Chris Tennent, drummer Paul Berryman and bass player Stuart Rudd. They were originally called Hell's Kitchen before changing their name to The Superjesus on the eve of the 1994 Big Day Out in Adelaide. Says Paul Berryman of the name: "It was basically just a piss-take on commonly used words in the 90's.

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The Maddigans

In the past couple years The Maddigans have worked extremely hard and it's started to pay off. Their recent accomplishments include booking their 7th Canadian tour, 1st ever US tour, being featured on AbsolutePunk, playing Canadian Music Week 2011, and reaching over 13,000 fans on facebook alone. Now the band is gearing up for Canadian, US and other tours in early 2012. Check out their website here:

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There are two different bands called RepoMen.
The first is a stoner rockband from Eindhoven Netherlands . The band is a side-project of Peter van Elderen (Peter Pan Speedrock) 2007
They recorded one album "Roadkill (2008)". The bandmembers are:
Peter van Elderen - vocals, bass
Roel Aben - guitar
Mories (Mo) Truijens - guitar
Miriam Bekkers - drums

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Warrior Soul

Warrior Soul is an American hard rock / punk band formed in 1988 by lead singer Kory Clarke, guitarist John Ricco, bassist Pete McLanahan, and drummer Paul Ferguson (later replaced by Mark Evans and then Scott Duboys). Often cited as one of the most underrated bands of the time, they were signed to Geffen Records from 1989 to 1994. The 1995 album Space Age Playboys was released on the independent Futurist Records label, but the band disbanded within the year. Odds & Ends was released the next year as a posthumous collection of demos and outtakes.

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The music of Underdose, defined by fans as ‘progressive, melodic, moody, happy, hard grunge’, ‘technical, not-so-straightforward rock’ or ‘a combination of Alice in Chains & Tool’, is in itself the symbiotic convergence of relatively diverse musical preferences of its four members and a result of more than 5-year-long ripening in the dirt of beer-and-tobacco scented, dimly lit pubs. With our music...

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