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The Shermans

There are two bands called The Shermans.
One was formed in December 1997 by Mikael Matsson and Torbjorn Thorsen after the break up of Mikael's old band, Red Sleeping Beauty. The band recruited Chrisster Nilsson to play bass and began playing live shows in and around their hometown. Eventually, Torbjorn left the band to start another band, Aerospace, and was soon replaced by Ingela Karlsson as the new Shermans vocalist.

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The Scaremongers

The Scaremongers are the Sound of Mature Huddersfield, the band of choice for all grown-up pop fans, the poster boys for pre-Sage Alternative Rock! The Scaremongers are Armitage and Smith, friends from the vinyl era, brought up on mix tapes and the NME, when late night radio and independent record shops were the only places to find out what the future sounded like. You can listen to the songs from The Scaremongers' First Double A-Side at

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Best Friends Forever

There are at least 2 artists using this name
1) IndiePop trio from Minneapolis, MN.
2) a deathcore/metalcore/metal band from Tampere, Finland, featurin members from Medeia and Pofony

1) Briana Smith (guitar, Keys, vocals) and Jessica Seamans (bass, recorder, vocals), the core members, grew up in the Brainerd Lakes area in a town called Crosby, and are real-life best friends. At first "two brainy, nerdy outcasts who eventually developed a fierce mutual devotion, although when they first met in 5th grade they made a lousy impression on each other, but not for long.

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There are at least 4 bands known as Bears: 1. An indie pop band from Cleveland, Ohio. The band consists of Craig Ramsey (drums, vocals, keys, bells, tambourine, guitar, bass) and Charlie McArthur (guitar, vocals, bass, bells). Bears released a self-titled CD/LP in 2006, an EP called Shortest Day of the Year in 2007, a 7" single called Who Knows in 2008, a second album, Simple Machinery, in 2008, a 7" called Snowman in 2009. A third album is set to be released in 2010. More info at: and

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There have been at least two artists who have operated under the name of Hefner in the UK in recent years. 1. Hefner were a British indie pop and "urban folk" band fronted by Darren Hayman. They were active from about 1996 until 2002; since then they have played together only once, for a tribute to the DJ John Peel, who was a strong supporter of theirs. Hefner began as a live band in 1995. In 1996 Darren Hayman recorded a tape for Sticky Records (named The Devotion Chamber) on which all instruments were played by Darren himself.

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