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Marcos Valle

Marcos Kostenbader Valle (born September 14, 1943 in Rio de Janeiro) is a Brazilian singer, songwriter and record producer. His work has found success across many musical styles both within Brazil and in the rest of the world, including bossa nova, samba, incidental music for drama, and fusions of American/European rock and dance music with Brazilian styles. His brother is Paulo Sergio Valle, with whom he composed many songs. From the younger Bossa Nova generation, as well as Bebel Gilberto and others, made a large part of his career abroad.

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O Rappa

O Rappa is a Brazilian reggae/rock band. In 1993, the reggae artist Papa Winnie came to Brazil, but there was no band to present the shows with him. Four people were immediately picked: Nelson Meirelles, Marcelo Lobato, Alexandre Menezes and Marcelo Yuka. After Papa Winnie's shows, the four decided to stay together, picking Falcão as the 5th member and vocalist. In 1994, they released their first album, on Warner, O Rappa. The lyrics of O Rappa are mostly sharp criticisms about the social problems of Brazil; the members themselves work on numerous social projects.

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Charlie Chaplin

There are two artists known as Charlie Chaplin. 1) Charlie Chaplin was a silent film actor, director and comedian, best known for his recurring character "the little tramp". Besides performing and directing, he also composed music to be played alongside his movies. 2) Charlie Chaplin (born Richard Bennett is a Jamaican dancehall and ragga deejay and singer. It was common for Jamaican deejays of the era to name themselves after film stars or characters.

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Vinny is a brazillian pop singer and composer. After having participated in some minor bands, Vinny recorded his first solo album in 1995 (Vinny, Indie Records), which wasn't successful. His second album, Todo Mundo (1997), had better luck, with the national hit "Heloísa, mexe a cadeira". His third album, Na Gandaia (1998), featured the popular "Shake Boom" He also had a hit with "Te Encontrar de Novo" In 2001 he participated in the Rock in Rio III Festival.

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