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1. Brazilian pop band, formed by the tv show “Popstars”. 2. Girlband consisting of 3 members (Amrita, Legha & Laura) from the UK with South-Asian roots, who have released the track “Don’t Be Shy” in 2005, and a remix of that song that featured Juelz Santana.
Rouge has been compared to Mis-Teeq, Sugababes and Destiny’s Child, but this R&B group make a different kind of music because of the mix of cultural backgrounds and Persian, Arabic and Asian influences.
“Don’t Be Shy” is produced by Zeus, featuring an video directed by Ray Kay, who also did the video of Destiny’s Child’s “Soldier”.

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NRK NRK (Nobody Really Knows) is a group of musicians who predominantly create hip-hop from Powder Springs, GA/Los Angeles, CA. They released Goodwill (as The Bandits) in 2009 and The NRK Compilation on April 17th, 2010. Both are available for free download. NRK was started by Pyramid Vritra, KC 2.0, Pyramid Murdock, and Gloomy Pyramid while they were in 8th grade. Members such as Jay Cue, Andre McCloud, Mr. Northstar, Tyler Major, LuiDiamonds, and Pyramid Mables were added later on when they were all in High School.

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The Twelves

From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, The Twelves were formed by the duo João Miguel and Luciano Oliveira in 2005. The name came from the strange coincidence of their birth dates: 12th July 1980. The breakthrough for The Twelves came in July of 2007 when they remixed the track "Boyz" from M.I.A's sophomore album, Kala. The reworked track with an added club feel resulted in one of the most talked about remixes of 2007.

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Cansei de Ser Sexy (commonly known as CSS) is a band from São Paulo, Brazil, formed in 2003. The band name is Portuguese for “Tired of Being Sexy” (taken from something Beyoncé once commented to the press: “I am tired of being sexy”). The members are: Lovefoxxx (vocals), Adriano Cintra (drums, guitar, vocals and production), Luiza Sá (guitar, drums and keys), Ana Rezende (guitar and harmonica), Iracema Trevisan (bass) and Carolina Parra (guitar and drums).

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Madame MIM

MADAME MIM’s sexy latin electro
Madame Mim has just released her second album “Electric Kool-Aid” (Lua Music), bringing a punk mix of electro with Latin rock, a dash of electronic cumbia, and a series of new sounds to the dance floor. There was a transformation from the first to the second albums of Mariana Eva, an Argentinean artist who has traveled around, living between Buenos Aires (Argentina), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and San Francisco (CA-USA), and who has now settled in S

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Hell is proud to present his latest recruits to International Deejay Gigolos. Digitaria is an band coming from Belo Horizonte (Brazil), the third largest city of the country. They have already released on 'International DJ Gigolos CD 9' selected and compiled by DJ Hell and their fantastic 12" 'Teen Years' (Gigolo188) with a kicking remix by Zoo Brazil from London who have put out their own material on Get Physical.

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Marcos Valle

Marcos Kostenbader Valle (born September 14, 1943 in Rio de Janeiro) is a Brazilian singer, songwriter and record producer. His work has found success across many musical styles both within Brazil and in the rest of the world, including bossa nova, samba, incidental music for drama, and fusions of American/European rock and dance music with Brazilian styles. His brother is Paulo Sergio Valle, with whom he composed many songs. From the younger Bossa Nova generation, as well as Bebel Gilberto and others, made a large part of his career abroad.

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