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Last Seen Laughing

For a long time now Aarhus has been Denmarks Oi! capitol and Last Seen Laughing is another band in that tradition, which we are proud to belong to! Last Seen Laughing is a 3 piece band, with members who all come from OI/Punk/Hardcore musical backgrounds. We've all played in various bands over the last approx. 20-30 years. We have played together about 2

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Funeral Dress

Belgian punk-rock band from Herentals / Heist-op-den-Berg.
Some hits: 'Party On', 'Come On Follow', 'Holiday', 'Hello From The Underground', 'Party Political Bullshit', 'Do You Love the Nazis?' (originally by another Belgian band, 'The Kids'), 'Freedom And Liberty', … Official homepage:

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The Varukers

The Varukers are an anarchist hardcore punk band formed in 1979 by vocalist Rat. The Varukers originally split in 1988 as the various members went their separate ways. But in 1993, vocalist Rat decided to reform the band. Stylistically, their music resembled the traditional uk82 style exemplified by bands like GBH and The Exploited. Since the band had former members of Discharge, a d-beat sound developed as time went on.

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Evil Conduct

100% working class Oi! music from Holland Many times Evil Conduct was compared with legendary Oi! bands from the early eighties. They were even nicknamed "the Dutch Last Resort". Although the band regards this as a big compliment it is obvious that Evil Conduct has its own identity with its own distinctive sound. Their music may be classified as basic, straight-in-yer-face, sing-along working class Oi! with powerfull vocals.

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U.K. Subs

The U.K. Subs were part of the original punk rock movement in England that formed in 1976, with the initial name of the Subversives. The band's founder, ex-ladies hairdresser Charlie Harper selected guitarist Nicky Garratt, bassist Paul Slack, and various drummers - eventually, with Pete Davis the line-up became fairly stable - under the initial name "U.K. Subversives".
Their style combined the energy of punk and the rock and roll edge of the then thriving pub rock scene.

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Intensive Care

This entry is for two distinct bands, both called INTENSIVE CARE. (1) For the Montreal Rock band, click here (2) A UK82\Oi! band from london.
Albums :
Rebels, Rockets and Rubbermen (1987)
The Oi collection
North London's Finest
Oi! The rarities
A Country Fit For Heroes vol.2 (3) A punk rock band from London formed in 1993.

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There are 4 Bands named "Subculture". The first one is an hardcore punk band from North Carolina, USA. They released one LP called "I heard a Scream" in 1985 on No Core Records/Fartblossom Enterprises.
The second on is an Oi! band from the UK. They released their "Loud and Clear" 7 inch in 1983 on Essential Recods. The UK Subculture also appeared on the Oi!Oi! That's yer lot! compilation. Captain Oi! re-issued (all) UK Subculture Material on a Split with A.B.H. in 1998.

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