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The Knockouts

There are several artists named "The Knockouts" ; - A band from Stockholm, Sweden
Success has followed THE KNOCKOUTS, stealing the trophy for the Best Punk Album at the American Independent Music Awards and with the single ‘A Lie Like In Natalie’, on high rotation on radio. They have been on the biggest European rock festivals such as P&L, PiP, West Coast Riot, Azkena Rock Spain, and more.

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Hell in the Club

HELL IN THE CLUB is the name of the new rock'n'roll monster created by members of two of the most talented Italian heavy metal bands around: Secret Sphere and Elvenking.
Active since the middle 90's these two bands have written the history of Italian and International heavy metal with the release of many successful albums and with their presence on some of the most important metal stages. ANDY// Andrea Buratto, bass player of Secret Sphere had on his mind this rock'n'roll project for many years .

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Bill Haley

Early life and career Haley was born William John Clifton Haley (some sources append "Junior" to his name, but his eldest son states that this is erroneous) in Highland Park, Michigan and raised in Pennsylvania. Many sources (almost universally predating his death in 1981) state that Haley was born in 1927, which is due to Haley knocking two years off his age for publicity purposes in the 1950s. A few recent sources erroneously give a birth year of 1924.

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Kaledon was born in the second part of 1998 after the split between the lead guitarist Alex Mele and his band "River of change".
After the spilt Alex Mele called immediately the bass player Paolo Lezziroli and the rhythm guitarist Tommaso Nemesio.
After many line-up problems, the band started to play live in the big Roman theatres.
Kaledon replaced the original drummer "Daniele Staccini" for technical problems with Dario Sacco"
Kaledon's first release was in autumn of 1999. The band produced their first demo cd, "Spirit of the dragon" without keyboard.

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The Minx

There are several bands called the Minx. One of them is unsigned 5-piece band Indie band from Wythenshawe in Manchester, UK. The band were formed in 2008 and have recently launched their debut album "Cool As A Courteener". The Minx are a true manchester band and this shows taking influences from Happy Mondays, Inspiral Carpets and the Manchester musicx scene. Their sound is made up of keyboard melodies and a fast vocal style from lead singer Chris Haddon.

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Modern Alarms

Dreams needed to be followed and passions expressed so 2009 gave rise to Modern Alarms
Now with a solid line up the band are producing intense, exciting, groove driven tunes that to experience live gives a true sense you're immersed in something special that very rarely comes around in music.
Confident and engaging and with ambition bigger than comprehension their ability to create music that evokes emotion in their audience is there for all to see. Born from a true respect of music and a desire to give their audience and themselves a reprieve from the daily grind.

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The Roolettes

The Roolettes met in Italy and soon moved on to London where they earned a reputation asone of the fastest, loudest and most rock nʼ roll bands on the scene.The band has toured with The Misfits, Danko Jones, The Bronx, Electric Eel Shock and has opened shows for Dead Kennedys, The Wildhearts, Peter Pan Speedrock and a whole lotmore.The band has played festivals and tours in 8 countries across Europe.The Roolettes album (Vinyl Japan Records) is 13 songs of razor sharp, razor fast rock nʼ roll.

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