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Huey Lewis & The News

Huey Lewis & the News is an Academy Award-nominated American band based in San Francisco, California. They had a run of hit singles during the 1980s and early 1990s, scoring a total of 19 top-ten singles across the US Billboard Hot 100, Adult Contemporary and Mainstream Rock charts. Their greatest success was with their number-one album, Sports. Their worldwide fame expanded when their recording of "The Power of Love" was featured as a key track in the 1985 movie "Back to the Future" (in which Lewis made a cameo appearance).

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Turbonegra is a -based tribute band covering songs by Turbonegro. The line up is as following:
Vocals: Hanky Panky aka Amanda
Lead Guitar: Eurogirl aka Shelley
Rhythm Guitar: Commander Colpot aka Katie
Drums: Ms. Summers: Cassie
Bass: Happy-E aka Millie
From the Fjords to the Fog...
...from the ashes of the San Francisco punk rock scene rises an onslaught of Amanda, Shelley, Katie, Cassie and Millie.

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Kerbdog are a heavy rock band from Kilkenny in the Republic of Ireland who began writing in 1991. Their music has been described as "an unbending alloy of matt-black, titanium-tough metal and shimmering melody.", in contrast to compatriots U2's "fake authenticity" and the "tyranny of soul" espoused by Van Morrison. U2 & Van Morrison being from very different areas naturally! Kerbdog were formed in 1991 by Cormac Battle (vocals/guitar), Colin Fennelly (bass guitar) and Darragh Butler (drums) under the repressive regime of the Christian Brothers.

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1)Temple is a very underground band from Cologne (Germany). The second wave of krautrock, like PATER NOSTER, SIDDHARTA etc..., let's consider them a "space rock" band with funk, pre-doom and proto-punk elements. The music, full of mellotron, moog, organ, guitar fuzz... - Joachim Weiss / Bass
- Otto Bretnacher / Drums & percurssions
- Heinz Kramer , Rolf Foller / Guitars
- Zeus B. Held / Organ & keyboards
- Poseidon / vocals
- Pauline Fund / Vocals, Tambourine

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Nashville Pussy

Nashville Pussy is an American hard rock band from Atlanta, Georgia, formed in 1997. Their sound combines punk rock, Southern metal, boogie rock, psychobilly, speed metal, stoner rock and blues-rock. They are known for their shameless promotion of hard liquor, dirty sex, drugs and filthy rock 'n' roll. The band consists of Blaine Cartwright (of Nine Pound Hammer) on guitar/vocals, his wife Ruyter Suys on lead guitar, Jeremy Thompson on drums, and Karen Cuda on bass. (Cuda replaced Katielyn Campbell, who herself replaced original bassist Corey Parks who left the band for personal reasons.

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Gilby Clarke

Gilby Clarke is a guitarist who was born in Cleveland, Ohio on August 17, 1962. He has been a guitarist for various bands, most famously as the rhythm guitarist for Guns N' Roses. In the early 80's, Gilby was a member of the pop band Candy which recorded the album "Whatever Happened To Fun." He left the band sometime in the mid 80's to form the metal band Kill for Thrills as lead singer and rhythm guitarist, while the rest of Candy went on to turn into Electric Angels.

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California X

Though California X's cartwheeling, low-end-friendly noise has drawn quick comparisons to Dinosaur Jr. (also, it should be repeated, of Amherst, Mass.), lead vocalist Lemmy Gurtowsky shares little in common with J Mascis. Not a whiner or a wailer, the Happy Valley trio's frontman is, like his band's self-titled debut full-length, direct in a way that recalls Bob Mould and Steve Brooks of Torche instead.

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