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Dot.AY is Alex Yabsley from Brisbane Australia.
He makes music that tries to be both experimental and accessible through this desire he stumbled upon chiptunes and creating music with Gameboys and lo-fi toys.
Since then he has been writing music as much as possible and performing live, most recently in a variety of support shows for the following artists: Crystal Castles, Girl Talk and Dan Deacon Website:

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With his roots based firmly on the underground digital arts scene known as the Demoscene, Akira has been an hyperactive member of the electronic culture world for more than a decade, not only in his hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina, but on a global level. 8GB, an audiovisual project developed in 2004 as a natural flow of Akira's activities both visual and musical, and his fixation with old computer hardware utilized in modern working environments...

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We Are The future

We Are The Future is a chiptune project initially created under the alias of Falco Lombardi by Ashley Emery. Different projects that Ash has worked and is currently working on are Penbar Misora, and Galvatron. Since February 2007, Ash has created melodic, detailed chiptunes, showing copious amounts of progress after each composition he releases, mainly via his Myspace or posted on the notable forum the 8bitcollective, via his Artist page on the forum.

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Oxide & Neutrino

Oxide & Neutrino are a DJ and MC duo from London, comprising Alex Rivers (b. 1982 in Isleworth, London) and Mark Oseitutu (b. Brixton, London). Their first single Bound 4 Da Reload went to number 1 in the UK singles charts in May 2000. It is famously known for sampling the theme song to the BBC's hospital drama series, Casualty. Oxide & Neutrino are members of the group So Solid Crew Their song "Shoot To Kill" was featured in the soundtrack to the movie "Ali G Indahouse"

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There are at least two artists with the name ∆ : ∆ (pronounced Alt-j) came together whilst they were all studying their 2nd year at Leeds university in 2008, when Joe showed Gwil, Gus and Thom some songs he’d written over the past few years. A small set was quickly developed using these and newly-written songs, and the band began to build a modest reputation through some crammed gigs in their front room.

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nordloef takes his background in punk rock bands and his love for electronic music to create melodic, upbeat pop songs while at the same time squeezing out as much music as possible from the limited hardware of the Game Boy. nordloef has played at Blip Festival in New York and Scandinavia’s biggest chiptune festival. He's been on a mini tour around the UK together with the British chiptune artist We Are the Future and has played at all kinds of shows ranging from secret clubs in farms to techno parties in forests.

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