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Potential Badboy

The name Potential Bad Boy may be new to some of the younger headz on the scene, but he’s been keeping busy in and around the music business since the days when drum and bass was just a twinkle in the DJs eyes, and certainly way before True Playaz came together on the scene. From the early nineties, producing for ‘Ibiza’ and ‘E Records’ and the eponymous SOUR imprint, home to a number of junglist luminaries (including the likes of Shy FX & T Power), Potential Bad Boy went on to create his own imprint; 3rd Eye Records.

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Square One

There are at least 5 artists named "Square One":
1) Deep house producer from Manchester, UK.
2) Former hip hop group from Munich, Germany.
3) Soca band from Barbados.
4) Ska-Punk band from the Flint, MI area.
5) Pop-Rock band from Melbourne, Australia
6) Pop-punk/emo band from Belgium 1) Square One is the solo project from Manchester based producer Mark Wadsworth. Mark has been recording for Jimpster's Freerange Records since 2001. As of September 2007, he has released seven 12"s and two full length albums.

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Patch is a name that has been used more than once. (1) An Australian progressive rock band with an album in 1977. (2) An American band with an album in 2003. (3) A short lived, innovative rock band from Elk Rapids, Michigan (USA). (4) a caribbean Soca Artist from Trinidad. (5) Electronic Artist, Producer and Sound Sculptor. Patch (1) was a studio project conceived by drummer/composer Peter Dawkins, who enlisted members of the band Spectrum to back him for the album The Star Suite in 1977. Patch (2) released an album called The Perfect Disguise in 2003.

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Contact: djcallide@yahoo.com Callide
Brief Biography Background Callide hail’s from the City of Gloucester, and represents as a Drum & Bass DJ, Producer and Radio Presenter with great pride. Born in South London, he moved into Gloucester in 1998 and has been a follower of the Drum and Bass scene for over 10 years. He started mixing 1999, producing in 2003 as well as taking on the role of a professional presenter, representing Drum and Bass for a pioneering community radio station.

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Jaydan Aka Jamie Cope hails from Leicester and has been into drum & bass ever since discovering it through his older brothers love of the music. From his early teens he was listening to rave music through his brother and in his friends bedrooms and started attending various under 18s raves around Leicester. As the music started to evolve into the jungle/drum & bass sound he became hooked and at the age of 16 attended his first big rave namely Dance Planet at the Sanctuary in Milton Keynes.

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