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his Namelessness Is Legion

his Namelessness Is Legion is an ambient/electronic/drone side project of Austrian musician Oliver Stummer aka Tomoroh Hidari. Stummer also is engineer, producer and programmer for Industrial outfit Kreuzweg Ost and founding father of Dystopian Dub Developments.
whereas his Namelessness Is Legion's first album Resonant Mindlessness focuses on electronic drones inspired by dream- and sleep-music, the second album "...

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40 Watt Sun

40 Watt Sun is the new music project of singer/guitarist/songwriter Patrick Walker, best known for his previous band, Warning. 40 Watt sun sees Patrick Walker accompanied by drummer/percussionist Christian Leitch, previously best known as the guitarist and founder-member of london-based band The River, and bass player William Spong. They made their live debut at a small, intimate show at the scream lounge, London, on the 20th December 2009 playing with the London-based band Wake.

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Black Majesty

There are several bands sharing the name Black Majesty: 1) A melodic power metal band from Melbourne, Australia. So far they have released five LPs: Sands of Time (2003), Silent Company (2005), Tomorrowland (2007), In Your Honour (2010) and Stargazer (2012). The band was formed in 2001 under the name Kymera and with various members already well known on the local metal and heavy rock scene. Guitarist Steve Janevski was drawn from Cyclone Tracy, a long-running heavy rock/hair metal outfit.

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Pseudo Nippon

Pseudo Nippon was born in japan in 1984, then moved over to England in his childhood. He started making music in 2006, sounding like a madded capped hardcore J Popstar, early demos were played on Magz Hall's You Are Hear Show on Resonance FM. Since then he has played with the likes of Dj Scotch Egg, Pivot, Drum Eyes, Lonely Ghosts, Pre and Bearsuit amongst many others. He is bringing out a record on the brighton based O.I.B label which will be distributed through Southern. This 7inch vinyl is called 'Edamame Freakout' containing four tracks.

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Kongh are a metal threepiece from Sweden. They were founded by Tomas Salonen (drums) and David Johansson (guitars/vocals) in 2004, later joined by Oskar Rydén (bass). After releasing a demo in 2006, they released their first full-length in 2007, entitled Counting Heartbeats. In 2009 they released Shadows Of The Shapeless on Trust No One Recordings.
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This lastfm page represents 3 different bands called Rituals. The first band, RITUALS, hails from the dry, washed out deserts of Phoenix, Arizona featuring current members of HELLAS MOUNDS, this is a much more darker and doomier incarnation than HM, but stills holds on to some of the more atmospheric/traights of their other musical underpinnings. For fans of Loss, Batillus, Cult of Luna, Year of No Light, Dark Castle, Planks, Black Math Horsemen, Fall of Efrafa, North, Yob, ISIS, Rosetta, Unearthly Trance...

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