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Straw Dogs

There are multiple artists with this name 1. Straw Dogs unleashed a fury of hardcore-laden metal-tinged garage-band kick-ass rock and roll. Between 1986 and 1991 they released two 12"s on Restless/Enigma named, Straw Dogs and Under the Hammer consecutively and one 12" with a CD version on Lone Wolf entitled Your Own Worst Nightmare. Laughably, not one of the downloadable albums or tracks listed and very few of the non-downloadable tracks listed on last.fm are by the Boston-based Straw Dogs.

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1) Straight edge Hardcore from Boyertown, Pennsylvania, USA.
They have released a 5 song demo and have a new 7" out on Harvcore records entitled "Enter Vice Lords".
Download the demo for free on myspace. 2) RAC band from Germany.

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There are several artists called Russia. 1) Russia is a country. This page can be used for things such as traditional Russian songs that have had their authors forgotten over time, and the Russian national anthem. 2) If you're looking for Hetalia-Russia: ロシア 3) A RAC/NSBM band from Russia that appeared on Burzum "Lost Freedom" compilation.

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There are at least seven artists that use the name Bloodshed
1. An American rapper
2. A French brutal death metal band
3. A Swedish death metal band
4. A Malaysian metal band
5. An American emocore band
6. A German metal band
7. An American thrash band 1) Derek Michael Armstead (born July 31, 1975 in Harlem, New York, died March 2, 1997), better known by his stage name Bloodshed and also Blood Debiasi, was an African American rapper who was a member of the rap group Children of the Corn, along with cousin Cam'ron, Mase and Big L.

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