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There are three bands named Dissident.
1) Dissident from Russia.
2) Dissident from Australia.
3) Dissident from Bulgaria. 1) Dissident is the production name of Russian based Stanislav Sevostyanikhin. Residing in St.Petersburg at the Baltic sea shore, he spends most of his time slicing beats, sampling street sounds and creating trends in modern music culture. He is influenced by very different kinds of music that allowed him to produce such diverse and truly innovative tunes.

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Carpe Diem

There is more than one act called Carpe Diem: Swiss independent electro-pop band;
French progressive band of the 70s;
Danish electro-pop band;
An electronic group also known as Lock & Burns;
German right-winged rock band;
Colombia's Carpe Diem; Czech rock band;
Scottish rock band;
Swedish punk band;
Hungarian dance band;
Metallic hardcore band from Pori, Finland;
An alternative rock four-piece band from Rīga, Latvia;
Slovenian pop,rock,ska bend.

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There are three artists using the name Barbarians:
- a Argentine metal band (1)
- a UK noise band (2)
- a Power/Viking metal band from Italy (3)
(not to be mistaken by 'The Barbarians', an American garage band of the 1960s.) (3) Barbarians are a four-piece Power/Viking metal band from Italy. They released their 11 track debut album in 2009, called Dawn Of Brotherhood. It was released by the label Underground Symphony.

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-IMPERIUM were a Techno Metal/ Thrash Metal band from Hengelo (The Netherlands). The band were:
André Vuurboom - Vocals
Michel Cerrone - Guitars
Rob Cerrone - Guitars
Remco Nijkamp - Bass
Patrick Gerritzen - Drums Singer André Vuurboom would later appear in SUN CAGED and has now a new band SPHERE OF SOULS. Imperium only recorded one album "Too Short A Season", on the Mascot records label (1993)

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Seven acts share the Odessa name:
(1) Odessa, a five piece metalcore band from Birmingham, England
(2) Odessa, a two piece electronica band from Europe.
(3) Odessa, a defunct French coldwave band on Murnau Records.
(4) Odessa, a contemporary Italian progressive rock band.
(5) Odessa, a italodisco nymphet, produced by Andy Tyrell. http://www.myspace.com/odessastar
(6) Odessa, a RAC band from Germany
(7)OdESSA, a garage funk/pop four piece band from Wellington, New Zealand.

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Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black (born June 21, 1997) is an American singer who gained worldwide attention with her 2011 single "Friday". Her mother paid $4000 to have the single and an accompanying music video put out as a vanity release through the record label ARK Music Factory. The song was co-written and produced by Clarence Jey and Patrice Wilson of ARK Music Factory. After the video went viral on YouTube and other social media sites, "Friday" was derided by many music critics and viewers, who dubbed it "the worst song ever.

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