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There are four artists called "Squadron". The first is a power metal from the United States of America. Formed in 1981, Squadron released two albums entitled "First Mission" and "Fatal Strike." Now split-up, the band consisted of Steve Crandall (lead vocals), Brian Cassidy (guitars), Brent Sullivan (bass), and Jim McKenna (drums). The second one is a nationalist band from the UK who started as a streetpunk/oi band but soon altered to a heavy/thrash metal band. Arguably, themost popular songs are "Stand Proud," "Master Breed," and "I Can See The Fire".

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Australian RAC band
2) Polish thrash metal band from Kraków
3) Swiss Heavy Metal band
4) An alias of a Dutch trance music producer Alex “Jamez” Dijksterhuis.
5) Drumnbass duo from Canada
6) Latvian blues band, formed in 1991 1) By far the best known Australian RAC band is called Fortress, which works out of Melbourne. Like most such bands, it is largely the product of a specific skinhead group, in this case the Melbourne "Southern Cross Hammer Skins". Fortress even shared a post-office box with the Hammer Skins in their early days.

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Straw Dogs

There are multiple artists with this name 1. Straw Dogs unleashed a fury of hardcore-laden metal-tinged garage-band kick-ass rock and roll. Between 1986 and 1991 they released two 12"s on Restless/Enigma named, Straw Dogs and Under the Hammer consecutively and one 12" with a CD version on Lone Wolf entitled Your Own Worst Nightmare. Laughably, not one of the downloadable albums or tracks listed and very few of the non-downloadable tracks listed on last.fm are by the Boston-based Straw Dogs.

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1) Straight edge Hardcore from Boyertown, Pennsylvania, USA.
They have released a 5 song demo and have a new 7" out on Harvcore records entitled "Enter Vice Lords".
Download the demo for free on myspace. 2) RAC band from Germany.

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There are 3 Vandals! 1) Vandal is an RAC band from Russia featuring Kaldrad (Branikald, Raven Dark, Nitberg, Temnozor, Sternatis, Vargleide, woods of fallen, Forest) on vocals and members of Volkoten. Formed in 1997, they recorded three full length albums, two demos and one split album with Die Fünfte Kolonne.
2) There is also a thrash metal band called Vandal from Kumanovo, Macedonia.

The band Vandal was a hard working band since the start. Due the circumstances, the finance were very low, but with help from friends we’ve achieved alot in a small period.

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Kick to Kill

Kick to Kill may refer to either: 1) An alternative band from Glasgow comprising David Cook (Vocals/Guitar), Harris Hill (Synth), Lewis Macaulay (Drums/Vocals) and Ewan Shearer (Bass). 2) A hatecore band from the USA.

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