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Incoming Cerebral Overdrive

In 2003 the first realease, a three tracks self-produced promo, permits to the band to introduce itself into the musical background with concerts and reviews (the most important TOP DEMO on magazine Metal Hammer). After a line up change with the arrival of Alessio as bassist, in August 2006, ICO come back to the studio's for the debut album CEREBRAL heART. Recorded at Fear Studio, mixed by Kurt Ballou and mastered by Alan Douches in the States, out for the italian label Myphonic Records, the album receives great reviews and let the band to increase its reputation...

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JJ Gullo

Born in Palermo, Italy (on January 1- 1976), Jo indulged in his passion for music from a young age, blowing all the money from his paper round on vinyls. At the age of 14 he bought his first drum machine and 'caught the bug' from there. He progressed from making the usual cassette tapes for friends, put together on a cheap set of decks that he wore out learning to mix. After spending money to buy more equipment to make music (multi tracks; synths; multi effects and a DAT recording) he discovered with his friend through experimentation...

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The Sweat

The Sweat was a power-pop outfit from Belfast, North Ireland in the late 1970s and early 80s. They're perhaps best known for their single "Why Did You Have to Lie" from their LP No More Running. The group was originally called No Sweat before being sued by Pete Townsend's Eel Pie Record label who promoted a group of the same name.

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Italian Gothic Metal band. The jewel DISMAL was created back in June 1995, nearby Turin, when Bradac and Parsifal joined to the call of the Earth, gradually becoming one thing with it while cultivating in an inseparable way their art and spirit. The passion and the big efforts result in a new decadent artistic experience, deeply rooted in both medieval and classic music, which soon becomes the fruit of both the visions and the sensations of their sublimation.

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Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino

The CANZONIERE GRECANICO SALENTINO is the first folklore research group in Puglia. It has been active since 1975 and has always been present at musical events connected to folk. Since 1975 the band has promoted modern popular communication in the contemporary situation, without reviving past traditions, without searching for a lost identity; not a “nostalgic-archaeological” recovery but a process of independent expression.

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Tomasso Marra (Tommyknocker) was born in Italy on january the 20th 1977.
Tommyknocker starts his career in 1994 when he begins performing in some 'illegal' parties which are organized in Rome.
From '95 to '97 he collaborates with the “Virus staff” of Freddy K, and he is Resident Dj of a few discotheques like "06" and after "Oxygen" (the first hardcore club of Rome).
He even takes part to a radio show called "Hardcore Play" where he works as director together with Freddy. From '97 to '99 he plays in the biggest hardcore parties of Rome.

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Members: Michele Canu - voice
Matteo Lombardo - guitar voice
Riccardo Bevitori - guitar
Luca Moro - bass
Gabriele Angius - drums Arhythmia is a italian alternative metal/hardcore band formed in 2004 in Alghero, Sardinia.
Since the early years the band has always had an intense live activity, opening concerts for various big groups of the Italian scene and not(SEPULTURA/HATEBREED/LINEA77/EXTREMA/Cripple Bastards) , and participating in numerous local and regional context, always finishing at the top.

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Daniele Baldelli

Legendary Italian dj known for playing slow, chuggy, cosmic disco sets. From the public dance hall to the disco, from the smooch to the shake,
from the orchestra to the deejay. Daniele Baldelli, one of the first Italian deejays, talks about and reveals the secrets of an era. Before the 1970s, the disco didn't exist. In the dance hall, live music reigned. Afterwards, people started to dance to records as an alternative or as a musical break for the orchestras.

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