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There are three bands with this name. Leprosy from Mexico which was active with the Ex lead singer of the band Transmetal "Pimentel." Leprosy from the Paul Green School of Rock in Downingtown, PA. and Als, and finally Leprosy; a punk band from Melbourne Australia playing in the style of UK82 such as Disorder and Finnish punk such as KAAOS. Leprosy from PA have a sound very similar to Cannibal Corpse's, albeit the vocals are not quite as strong. The general song content is similar.

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There are at least 3 artists called Terminator. 1. Terminator (Bzenec, Czech Republic, 1987 - 1996) Terminator was a Czech thrash metal band from Bzenec, founded in 1987 (most of sources mention 1988, though) with first live performance in 1989.
In the same year, the band released their first demo Termination and then another demo Unification (Together against to Death) The debut album Probability of Doom was released in 1991. While the name is in English, all lyrics were in Czech. The album was well accepted and the band got concerts through Europe.

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*NOTE* WE ONLY PUT UP SHOWS WE HAVE 100% CONFIRMED WITH PROMOTERS, IF IT'S NOT ON OUR MYSPACE PROFILE WE ARE NOT PLAYING IT. ABADDEN from Dunstable, are a thrash band signed to rising records and are ready to thrash you back to the 1980's but keep it fresh with the sound of today.

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There are a number of artists who are called Overthrow. One is a Ska Punk Band from Guildford in Surrey England. They play a mix of Ska Rock and Reggae similar to the RX Bandits and site Sublime, The Police and everything they have ever listened to as their sources of influence. The band are becoming very popular in the UK Ska scene at the moment. They have released two EPs So Much Power So Little Time and The Withdrawal of Reason Other Bands which use this name...

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There are multiple artists known as Desecrator: 1. Desecrator is genre inspired four-piece band from Paris, France formed in year 1993. During this time they have toured around, recorded and released at least five various length albums - latest of them split with band Agathocles in year 2007. 2. Desecrator was an early band from the UK. They formed in 1989, recorded a promo in 1990, and released their only full length 'Subconscious Release' in 1991, then disappeared.

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Various artists use of have used the name Enforce: 1. Enforce is a Melodic/Technical Death Metal band from Perth, Western Australia. 2. Enfore is also a japanese screamo/hardcore band. 3. Enforce is a Thrash/Speed Metal band from Portugal. 4. Robert Enforsen also performed under the name Enforce around 2000 for the German EBM / Electro / Synth Pop label Bloodline

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Atrocity is a German Death/industrial/gothic metal band formed in Ludwigsburg. ___________ 2) Atrocity are a Death Metal/Grindcore band from Torrington, Connecticut.
___________ 3) Atrocity/b] were a punk band in the 80's from Berkeley, California who were featured on Aaron Cometbus' "Lest We Forget" compilation tape. ___________ 4) Atrocity were a danish post punk band from Albertslund/Brøndby, The band were inspired by Joy division.

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Ides of March

1) Were a Swindon, UK post-punk band active in the late 1980's, releasing two singles on RS Records, both in 1986, a 7" and a 12" respectively. A contemporary magazine, Melody Maker described them as 'The Cure meets The Cult'. Another magazine, Sounds, wrote: '...a cracking rock band in the rugged tense mode of Killing Joke and New Model Army'. 2) Ides of March are a deathcore band hailing from Perth, Australia. Formed in 2007 with the goal to write brutal deathcore. http://www.myspace.com/idesofmarchau

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Redrum - (often stylized as REDRUM) is a Japanese indie/shoegaze rock band who formed in 1996 with the decisive goal of becoming a band similar to Portishead for Japan. The members of the band consist of Yumi (vocals), Tsuyoshi (guitar) and Kazi (drums). The role of bassist officially changed two times and was helmed primarily by Soto who joined the band early on and stayed until his departure in December 2004. Their catalogue of works consists of only a few proper albums, several mini albums and maxi singles.

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