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more than one artist with this name


1) Barefoot is the brainchild of singer Sam Obernik (best known for her work with Tim Deluxe on his It Just Wont Do hit) and legendary producer and remixer Tommy D. Its aim is to bridge the gap between the dance world and more conventional musicianship and song writing through reinterpretations of club classics. Their self titled debut album bubbles with energy, invention and fun and includes White Lines , Born Slippy, It's Like That, Hideaway, Lazy and It Just Won t Do.

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There is more than one artist with the name Freestyle: 1. One of the most prolific and influential of the '80s electro artists, Miami-based producer Tony Butler recorded a string of popular club tracks on Power/Jam Packed and his own Music Specialist label in the mid-'80s, helping build the electro legacy that would give birth to Miami-style bass music and freestyle (named after Butler's primary pseudonym), as well as influence '90s post-techno artists such as Autechre and Biochip C.

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There are two artists named Detlef 1) A Latvian Indie/Alt. Rock band, later renamed to Detlez Zoo 2)Be As One reunites some fresh talented producers for its second installment of the successfull Tools For School compilation Greek rising talent Detlef debuts with two tracks of summer flavour and jazzy grooves in the form of "Maccaca" and "Colo Loca"

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1) A professional chamber choir, founded and directed by Nigel Short. Often performing by candlelight, the choir creates an atmosphere of spiritual and musical reflection, where medieval chant and renaissance works are interspersed with contemporary works. The carefully selected team of singers uses the acoustic and atmosphere of the building to enable the audience to experience the power and intimacy of the human voice at its best.

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There are multiple artists/groups called Rod. 1. ROD is the newborn alter-ego of Rotterdam based [artist, currently one of the most popular and inspiring electronic music artists of the Netherlands. Known for his ver-satility, Benny has chosen this additional artist name to clearly define the more Techno oriented side of his musical identity. ROD's critically acclaimed debut-release "Malmok" was released on Ben Klock's Klock-works label and formed the start of a fruitful discog that reads very positively...

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There is more than one artist that goes by this name.
The Alternative/Metal group from Melbourne, Australia can be found at:
Tinman are Jeff, Luke and Ben hailing from the southern suburbs of Victoria. Formed in early 2004, the trio have released two EP's to date, Their first, Self titled, and second Recreation.

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The Great Shakes

Call The Great Shakes political punk prostitutes and they smirk, “Call up the zealots for a fundamental time.” Stand still, staring, arms X’d across your chest, and they groove, “Distortions in the truth, we give it to you.” Laugh, cry, scream at them, and they remind you that they “know you’re never faithful” and they “know they’ve had enough.” The Great Shakes didn’t start out this self-assured, these five distinct people who know Americana is more than the isolated island culture of the 5 boroughs of NYC. They started out disillusioned and lucky.

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There are two bands under this name: 1)A Finnish crust/hardcore punk band with dark atmosphere in lyrics and sound. Used to be called Speedapple in the late 1990's, before they changed their name to Unkind. UNKIND Discography:
s/t, mc ep on witchhunt
Who's the fucking terrorist, 7" on Fight records
split 7" with Police bastard on Fight records
Plant the seed, 10" on Fight records and Pathetique
split 7" with Sawn off on Pathetique
Mieliemme tuhkasta, 12"/cd/mc on yellow dog
Verinen ilotulitus, 7" on Fight Records

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