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There has been more than one artist to use the name Sleepless. 1.Sleepless is a Dark Progressive Metal band from Israel, they released Winds Blow Higher in 2001 and now they are split-up. 2.Sleepless is from Tucson, Arizona, formed in 2009. 3.A hungarian deathcore band from Székesfehérvár. 4.Sleepless were originally known under the German name Die Schlaflosen. Formed in 1982 when guitarist Arch Stanton met up with Singers Cloudia Wintermute & Lucretia, and bassist Roland Hammerl. They immediatly found they had an amazing chemistry together and improvasation was the key to their sound.

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Distal is a DJ and producer from Atlanta, Georgia. He's founder of the label Embassy Recordings, producing a wide variety of bass music. His debut vinyl release was on soul jazz records alongside Mala, Coki and Ramadanman, and followed up with a release on SureFireSound. Distal plays in a variety of international scenes including the / community, as well as the scene. Soundcloud:
Embassy Recordings:

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Rincon are a 5 piece alternative rock outfit from Melbourne, Australia. In March 2008, Rincon released their much anticipated debut album, "Evolution". This is the first full length album to have come out of the Bigger Music Productions workshop with Stuart Biggins at the helm. "Evolution" was mixed by Justin Thomas (USA). "Evolution" has been successfully received throughout both Australia and overseas, gaining various placements with Red Bull Europe/USA, their music featuring on Red Bull Air Race & Motorcross DVD's.

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Thousand Needles In Red

Thousand Needles in Red are a band from Sydney/Brisbane that formed in 2009. Clint Boge (from The Butterfly Effect and Final Days of Autumn) is the vocalist of the band, Tristan Bouillaut is the guitarist, Phil Eades on the drums and Pablo Fernandez on bass. In 2010, Fernandez left the band and was replaced by Ayden Mitrovich.

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No Love Lost

4 artists under the name No Love Lost. 1) Australian hardcore band. Who have just released their debut album "Unleash The Shackled" on Dog Fight Records. 2) Buffalo, NY hardcore band. For Fans Of: Bane, In My Eyes, Comeback Kid, Gorilla Biscuits. Currently recording a split EP with Buffalo's newest hardcore sensation Controversy.

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There are at least two bands who have used or are using the name Pacer. 1) Pacer, a melodic modern rock band from Montreal was formed in 1997. Since then, the band has gained a sizeable and loyal following through numerous live performances, local press, and radio. Drawing from a wide range of influences, Pacer has amassed a formidable repertoire. The band has worked tirelessly to promote their debut EP “Involuntary Movement” and has shared the stage with various signed acts (Trapt, Dredg, Greenwheel, Projet Orange, Pulse Ultra) along with being featured at the Vans Warped Tour in Montreal.

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Something With Numbers

Something with Numbers are a rock band based in Australia. The band was formed on the New South Wales Central Coast, in Australia, in 1999. They have released an EP and three studio albums in their career. Something with Numbers found notable success in 2006, with the release of "Apple of the Eye (Lay Me Down)," which peaked at No. 34 on the ARIA Singles Chart, and placed No. 64 on the Triple J Hottest 100, 2006.

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