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There are more artists using the name Disco:
1) An english-speaking rapper from Berlin , Germany, but grown up in Texas.
2) Disco (or Disco. or DisCo or DisCompany or later and more famously known as Disco Ensemble) is also a hardcore / post-hardcore / emo band from Pori, Finland.
3) Disco is also a D-beat band from San Dimas, CA, USA.
4) Disco is a Welsh punk band.
5) Disco was a Swedish breakcore/experimental digital hardcore-project in the 90's. Started of as Marmelad, changed name to e.g. smith and is today named melodija.

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There are three artists with this name: 1.Hector (Heikki Harma) is a popular Finnish musician who has released 21 albums since 1972. Hector is considered to be a fine lyricist and has penned songs for other artists in addition to himself. He has been influenced strongly by Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Leonard Cohen and David Bowie. He has made several Finnish translations of songs of Dylan, Lennon and Cohen and many think he has effectively captured the essence of these songs in his translations/interpetation.

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Cat Cat

1. Cat Cat formed in mid 2008. Their combination of mixed members and style allows the band to stay on a steady road of up beat 60’s psych tunes to 80’s cruising tempo’s. They’re sound has been described as a ‘a band from the past who found a massive time machine and went back to the future. Sounds old, feels new, kind of music.’ Their impressive debut release ‘Dig Mountains‘ is a sharp motorik kraut rock and cruising psychedelic trip.

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Jimi Tenor

Musician and composer Jimi Tenor has never settled for the traditional role of a pop artist. He is known as a productive musician whose work lies beyond current trends, and also as a performer who combines the finest elements of afro-american music, spontaneous silliness and shameless glamour in an original way. Besides being a professional musician for almost 20 years, Jimi Tenor (born Lassi Lehto, 1965, Lahti, Finland) has also practised photography, directed short films and designed clothes and musical instruments.

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1. Cheek aka Jare Tiihonen is a Finnish rap-artist from Lahti. He has released two albums with DTM; Avaimet mun kiesiin and K

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There are 7 Bands/artists called "Sniper":

1)Sniper is a French band composed of four sons of immigrants from the suburbs of Paris. The band was formed in 1997 under the name Personnalité Suspecte, but changed its name later. Many of the group's songs handle very political themes, such as the Israeli occupation of Palestine in Jeteur de pierre and a perceived injustice in the French political system in La France.

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There exist five acts with this name: 1. A side project of Lycia members Mike Vanportfleet and fellow member David Galas
2. An atmospheric/ambient/raw dark/black metal with vocals reminiscent of early Burzum.
3. A Finnish rock band
4. A death.blues London, UK band
5. A techno act from sweden. -----
1) In the midst of an incredibly prolific time for the band Lycia during the mid-'90s, bandleader Mike Vanportfleet and fellow member David Galas found time to create a side project...

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