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Section 30

Section 30 are one of the better Yorkshire bands around at the moment. Their music is a rich infusion of rock and indie with a bit for everyone. Powerful and catchy guitar riffs met equally as well with the infectious vocal hooks that are the main stay of the Section 30 set list. Energetic and crowd pleasing, if you haven't already checked this band out then do so at the next opportunity. Latest release is out now on CONFIDENTIAL RECORDS (UK) LTD

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Atmospheric Post-Metal from the UK, south coast.
Their debut EP can be downloaded from For 'Acres.' from Montclair, NJ. Change the name to Acres with a period after it, so it can scrobble to the correct artist! Thank you.

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Matt Pryor

Matt Pryor is the singer / guitar player in Kansas City, MO's The Get Up Kids. He currently is playing in The New Amsterdams and The Terrible Twos. Matt Pryor's first solo album, named 'Confidence Man' after a track of the same title, is a folk-tinged collection of stripped, acoustic songs. It was released on July 29, 2008. Speaking with Songfacts in a 2011 interview, Pryor said the raw production of his second album, May Day, reflects his emotional state at the time of recording: "I mean, it's a home recording written and recorded by someone who was very...

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David Martin

Ten songs for ten years – that’s what started it all. David Martin married his high-school sweetheart, and to celebrate their ten-year wedding anniversary, he wrote her ten sweet, powerful love songs. It wasn’t long before these songs ended up in the hands of the CEO of Astonish Records, and soon David found himself in the studio, turning those ten love songs into his debut record, Something in Your Eyes.

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Michael J

From his beginnings in Upstate NY with the band Exploding Boy to his current success as a solo artist, perseverance has been a constant for Michael J. "I've been fortunate enough to be able to sustain a career for much longer than most major-label bands even though I've been flying below radar for so long. I've flatly refused to change my music to fit trends. The only thing I've ever been interested in is finding my own voice musically and that's often a more difficult, (but much more rewarding) road for an artist to take".

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Stone Parade

The voicemail is simple "Just past the laundromat then turn left, you'll hear us when you get there". Alex is a man of few words. Inside a poorly lit factory, behind walls of guitars, old paintings and broken amps I find drummer Billy Handley hanging out his washing and cleaning up dirty dishes which have been left on the sink against his wishes. He's not a happy camper as his sign above the sink clearly states "Wash up your own stuff morons!" You see...

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Paul Greene

Paul Greene (Culburra Beach, NSW) has been a quiet achiever in the Australian Music Scene. Strongly Independent, he has traveled incessantly delivering his music across his continent, with an infectious live energy and great songs. There is no hype with Paul Greene. His songs span a range of styles, but always come from the heart with lyrics you can sink your teeth into.

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