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The New Tigers

The New Tigers is a fuzzy pop group from Turku, Finland. The band consists of Valtteri Virtanen (of Goodnight Monsters), Appu Jasu (Anselmus), Kece (Love Summer Boys), and Janne Kauppinen (Kauppilan Puutarha]). The record label Soliti released their debut album on 21st September 2011. official site:

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Cats on Fire

Cats on fire was formed late 2001 in Vaasa, Finland. Since 2004, the group consists of Mattias Björkas (vocals, acoustic guitar), Ville Hopponen (electric guitar), Kenneth Höglund (bass guitar) and Henry Ojala (drums). They are currently based in Turku, Finland. In 2003, CoF released a vinyl single, Solid work 2004, saw the release of another one, Happiness is Chemistry. The first proper CD release came all too late, in summer 2006.

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Burning Hearts

Le Futur Pompiste, which released one marvelous album in 2004, Your Stories and Your Thoughts, before the vagaries of adult life scattered them far and wide; and Cats On Fire, whose debut long-player, 2007's The Province Complains, captivated all who were lucky enough to hear it (among them the writers at superlative U.K. magazine The Word). It was inevitable that this pair of bands, whose music shares a poise and sophistication rarely heard anywhere, never mind within the modest environs of Finland, would find each other.

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Blaster Master

Fastcore PV influenced HC Punk Members
Amber (Vokills)
Chepe (Guitar)
Anthony (Drums / Vocs) Band interests
Kicking ass, pizza, hi fives, video games, and going turbo fast!!!

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Cid Inc

Henri Hurtig AKA Cid Inc is fraying a feverish path within the electronic dance music industry. Born in Finland and raised in Sweden, he started fiddling with music tools from the early 90's. His reach towards music has been a patient quest within multiple genres until reached the House genre as a base for his productions. With way over a decade behind him as a sound engineer, Henri is well known as a person knowing his way around in the studio as a mastering / mixing professional.

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A traditional anarcho-punkband from Finland myspace:
* 1981 – Nineteeneightyone - ist das künstlerische Alter Ego des Wiener Musikers Pieter Gabriel. Unter diesem Namen spielt(e) er seine Musik mit diversen MitmusikerInnen auch live, unter anderem bei einer Studio 2 Session von Radio FM4 im April 2008. * „City Of Last Things“ (unveröffentlicht) ist das Debütalbum von 1981. Produziert von Herwig Zamernik (Naked Lunch, Fuzzman) in dessen Fuzzroom in Klagenfurt. Der Veröffentlichungstermin ist noch unbekannt.

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Archgoat is a Finnish black/death metal band formed in 1989. Their initial period of activity was between 1989 and 1993, when they released two demos - "Jesus Spawn " and "Penis Perversor " - and an EP titled "Angelcunt (Tales of Desecration) ". They split up until about 2005 when an old recording was released as the "Angelslaying Black Fucking Metal " EP. Since their reformation they have released two full-length albums, "Whore of Bethlehem " in 2006, "The Light-Devouring Darkness " in 2009...

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There are at least 4 artists called Ferris : 1) Ferris accidentally wrote some songs together at the start of 2006 and since then have played on various radio show, and at venues and festivals across the country supporting acts like Passenger, Ezio and Martha Tilston.
Introduced by a mutual friend, Cate and Adam play, write and listen to different music, argue over individual chords and words and disagree on key political and philosophical issues: In fact, they have only their love of music, and their left-handedness in common.

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