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EMPRA is a testament to the rock’n’roll spirit. It’s about how, through a chain of events that included broken hearts, broken bones, friends loved and lost and a ‘musical chairs’ of lineup changes, a passionate white-station-wagon-driving dude named Sanny hooked up with three passionate, white-station-wagon-driving dudes named Matt, Matt and Matt - and how they all came together in their pure love for rock music.

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Late Landing

Late Landing is a hard rocking group from Montrose, Scotland. Taking influence from the likes of Metallica, Led Zeppelin and Fightstar, the band have enjoyed much success since their formation in 2007. After the release of their popular EP "A View From Inside", the band recorded their debut album, "Caught in the Middle" in the autumn of 2011, which was released on Feb 10th 2012.

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Screaming Martini

The name Screaming Martini makes a lot of people think of some sort of cocktail. Although this wasn't why the name was chosen, In many ways the band's a cocktail of many music genres. As with all cocktails there's a main ingredient and in this case thats pure rock music. Add in some punk rock, a sprinkle of funk and even some metal and serve with a side of catchy hooks and melodies that will get stuck in your head all day.

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We are a four piece West Midlands grunge based band from Dudley called INNEPT between us we have a range of influences from alice in chains, soundgarden, nirvana, deftones, queens of the stoneage, led zepplin and ACDC the list is endless we all enjoy the music and play for others to enjoy and have a good time,
our website at the moment is until we get our own .com website please check us out any questions and comments email peter jones at we are all for the music the people and the the enjoyment on the way.

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Astral Void

In an age where a lot of artists tend to favour an experimental approach, Astral Void go back to basics. Catchy, memorable songs and the goal of showing that if you have music in your heart, you can create a band and express yourself, regardless if you're an expert musician or if you can play just enough for your music to sound good. With songs like 'Forever' Astral Void like creating music people can sing along to! Members: Andy Martin (Vocals and Guitar)
Chris Gedge (Lead Guitar)
Fraser Lloyd (Bass)

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There is more than one artist with this name:
1) Panik (sometimes referred as Panik ltdc) an influential French chaos punk band from the 80s
2) Panik, a German nu metal-band.
3) Panik, a Turkish rock band.
4) Panik, a producer/dj from Chicago and one of the founding members of the Molemen Collective 1) PANIK (aka Panik ltdc) is a French Punk-Oi band from the 80s that appeared in many French punk compilations. They are one of the many bands from the chaos punk era. They reunited in 2008.

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The Creeks

The Creeks are an alternative indie rock band, formed in the suburbs of East Leeds, UK. The band recently recorded their debut album "S.M.I.L.E" and are giving it away free here: Members:
Ste Pye
Shaneen Dawkins
Jamie Mooney
Martyn Spencer Featured Artists:
Jon Bw
Gaz Sefton
Chris Dawkins/Earl Tutu Peace, love and unity

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