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Several artists share that name:
1. QuESt - An american rap artist from Miami.
2. Quest - Can be a side project of dance producer Luke Chable.
3. Quest is also a quintet of friends from middle Tennessee that is Intergalactic Space Funk!!
4. Quest - jam band, Quest conists of JP Maywald (Drums), Alex Hartness (Bass), Sherwyn Nicholls (Synths and Keys), Will Hooper (Percs), and Kendrick Nicholls (Guitar).
5. Quest - an indie/rock band from Sydney, NSW, Australia.

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In March 2003, Razorwire released their debut album LEAGUE OF THE GODLESS which received excellent reviews all over the world. A seemingly never-ending tour followed which took them all over the UK from Aberdeen to Penzance, and everywhere in between. They also played a handful of dates in Germany, Belgium and Holland. The bands music is a diverse mix of traditional metal, rap, punk and hardcore with loads of energy.

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The Outfit

There are more than one artist named The Outfit:
1) A rock and roll group
2) A hip-hop group
3) A streetpunk gruop 1)The Outfits frenzied, polyrhythmic rock and roll sound is inspired by their fondness for a good drink, their seriously short attention spans, and by their disdain of boring, conventional contemporary rock as much as by an eclectic myriad of new and old musical influences. Their music is meant to be memorable and exciting: clever pop songwriting flavored by layers of instrumental melodies and backed by danceable, inventive rhythms.

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1. Indie pop band from Milwaukee with an album on Burger Records. Also known as Jaill. Also on Sub Pop records.
2. Sludge metal band from Philadelphia
3. Psychedelic shouty indie-pop-punk band from Billericay, Essex, England, UK who self-released the album "Communist Speech Tower Land" in 2007 and have their own page at http://www.last.fm/music/jail+%28uk%29

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Founded in Los Angeles in the late 80's as part of the thriving scene, downset has evolved into an icon of sorts. As the original blenders of , , , , , and socially aware lyrics, they drew influences from Black Flag to Black Sabbath, Public Enemy to Bob Marley. Becoming a huge draw, the industry took notice and they caught the attention of Mercury/PolyGram Records and released their self titled debut in 1994.

Read more about Downset on Last.fm.

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Broken Minds

We are Broken Minds, a band that fuses Hardcore Punk, Hip-Hop, Metal, Industrial and any other style that we can add into the mixing bowl to get our unique sound.
The original idea for Broken Minds surfaced in 1995 but for one reason or another it was hard to get members to commit to anything serious until 2003, when Ben (guitars) entered the scene and this is when the real Broken Minds began. Broken Minds are a three man Rap-core outfit consisting of Ben (Guitars), Doom (vocals, Programming) and recently DJ Moca (Turntables,Production and Additional Vocals).

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E.Town Concrete

E.Town Concrete was a band from Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA. They formed in 1995 and shortly thereafter released Time 2 Shine, their first full-length album, in 1999 on the Resurrection A.D. label. They have since released four more albums on various record labels, such as Razor & Tie and Ironbound Recordings. The band has recently decided to call it quits. Some fans believe the band to be hardcore, while others claim E.Town Concrete plays a form of metalcore. Most, however, accept the band as a rapcore group, though they are significantly heavier than most rapcore artists.

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