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Gilla Bruja

We dont hate you... We just wish you would die! Formed in 1998, and named after a mexican death cult that would surround towns at night and murder the non-believers, the favourite sons of the lizard witch spent years flailing around the undergound, bringing the message of the goddess to the faithful and spreading the word like blight spores in fresh lungs. Then came the first book of morte, "Tooth and Nail" and its companion piece "6 Fingered Jesus" and the chosen rejoiced and waited for second book of the Gilla Bruja for there will be six before the bruja will come for her due.

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Code Orange Kids

Code Orange Kids are a band formed in Pittsburgh, PA in 2008. The band consists of Jami Morgan (drums, vocals), Reba Meyers (guitar, vocals), Eric Balderose (guitar, vocals), and Joe Goldman (bass). All of the members are 18-years-old except Joe who is one year older. They are currently signed to Deathwish Inc. and released their debut album Love Is Love // Return to Dust, produced by Kurt Ballou, on November 20, 2012.

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Coma Lies NC

Coma Lies NC are a tech-hardcore/metal band from Newcastle, Australia. They recorded a four-track demo in 2005 before beginning to record their debut EP for Skull and Bones Records in 2006. In 2010, they changed their name band name (Coma Lies to Coma Lies NC), and their vocalist (Liam Christenson to Reece Moon). Current Lineup:
Reece - Vocals
Andy - Guitar
Russ - Bass
Josh - Guitar
Mitta - Drums

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Since clawing their way out of the sludge of Akron at the onset of 2003, Northeast Ohio's Rue have been bringing a rock demolition to the masses. Relentlessly loud and hard hitting, Rue have hammered the East Coast and Midwest touring with Weedeater, Bongzilla and Rwake, and appearing with Keelhaul, Goatwhore, Eyehategod, Mushroomhead, Yob, 16, Alabama Thunderpussy, Meatjack, High on Fire, Unsane, and numerous others. Rue teamed with independent stalwart Shifty Records to release their self-titled debut CD in late 2003, and participated in a split CD with Aldebaran in 2004.

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1) A Japanese Sludge/Hardcore punk band who are best known to western audiences as having done a split with Boris 2) An acappella folk / gospel group based in WV formerly known as the Missing Person Soup Kitchen Gospel Quartet whose albums include "Put Your Loving Arms All Around Me", "Bare There Were They" and "Stirring It Up" 3) A Christian Hard Rock band from United States fronted by Barren Cross's Mike Lee.

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“Want wij zijn Hark, wij zijn Hark, en we gaan nog even door!”
Hark is een verzameling stijlfiguren, of anders gezegd, een verzameling figuren met verschillende stijlen. In een oefenruimte kan dit de nodige frustraties veroorzaken maar op een podium resulteert het steevast in een uitbundig feestje. In de afgelopen jaren hebben de mannen van Hark namelijk genoeg in holen, grotten, bunkers, kraakpanden, studentensociëteiten, cafés, jeugdhonken, ‘gerenommeerde poppodia’ en festivalterreinen gespeeld om te kunnen spreken van een puist aan live ervaring!

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