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Sleepmakeswaves are an instrumental rock band from Sydney, Australia. Drawing influences mainly from but not limited to post-rock, the young quartet mix driving metallic bombast with textured electronics to create a sonic space where delicate melodies and thunderous climaxes peacefully co-exist. Since their formation in late 2006, sleepmakeswaves have rapidly established themselves as a promising and unique voice in their field.

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Bossk are a Kent based post-metal band. They released 2 albums (.1 and .2) and a DVD (.3), forming 'The Trilogy', post disbanding in 2008 a split EP was released with Rinoa, containing the new live track "Events Occur In Real Time". In early 2012 they announced they were reforming for a BBC Maida Vale session for Daniel P. Carter's Rock Show which would include new song 'Pick Up Artist', to be released as a free download from the bands website in September 2012.

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“Want wij zijn Hark, wij zijn Hark, en we gaan nog even door!”
Hark is een verzameling stijlfiguren, of anders gezegd, een verzameling figuren met verschillende stijlen. In een oefenruimte kan dit de nodige frustraties veroorzaken maar op een podium resulteert het steevast in een uitbundig feestje. In de afgelopen jaren hebben de mannen van Hark namelijk genoeg in holen, grotten, bunkers, kraakpanden, studentensociëteiten, cafés, jeugdhonken, ‘gerenommeerde poppodia’ en festivalterreinen gespeeld om te kunnen spreken van een puist aan live ervaring!

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There are several artists using this name: 1) Mistress formed in Birmingham, England in 1999. After the 2nd Mistress gig in January 2000, the venue used was suddenly closed down within a week. A pattern was thus established & Mistress have continued in the same vein since. After reviews such as ' the of the most incendiary gigs I've seen in years' and 'like a 300 pound hillbilly about to smash your head in with a crowbar', UK underground label Rage of Achilles were impressed enough to agree to release the first two Mistress albums.

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Adrift is a band from Madrid that plays intense, heavy music with a variety of influences, ranging from the experimental darkness of bands like Neurosis, Isis, and Sunn O)), to the more straight-ahead riffage of Kyuss and Tool. Founded in 1999, they have 5 releases:
Cogito Ergo Actuo (first demo cd, auto edited 2002)
Austero (7" edited by La Idea 2004)
Troya (MCD edited by The Other Light 2005)
Waterloo V.A (with another kind of dead, moksha and moho, edited by underhill 2006)
Monolito (CD edited by underhill 2008)

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There is more than one band called Charger: 1) Charger was a nwobhm band. They were latecomers to the scene and only released Desperadoes/Are You Out There single in 1987. The single is a rare and collectible item among NWOBHM fans. Furious pace of Charger made them one of more speed metal oriented bands of nwobhm. 2) In November 2000, Charger released their debut mini-CD through Undergroove - The Foul Year Of Our Lord' (distributed through Plastic Head) to critical acclaim in national and regional press as well as airplay on Total Rock, Radio One's Rock Show and XFM.

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RABBITS is a power trio from Portland, Oregon. The band comprises one drummer (KG) and two guitarists/vocalists (Sethro and Booze). RABBITS has been described as sludge, hardcore, punk, and thrash, or amalgamations thereof which may be succinctly characterized as “moonshine metal” for the simple, potent, dirty, and often chaotic concoctions RABBITS brews. RABBITS began playing shows in 2005 and began releasing records (vinyl only) in 2006: the self-released “Sloth vs. Bees” 7-inch and the “Lungs” 12-inch split with Under Mountains on Eolian Records.

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Coma Lies NC

Coma Lies NC are a tech-hardcore/metal band from Newcastle, Australia. They recorded a four-track demo in 2005 before beginning to record their debut EP for Skull and Bones Records in 2006. In 2010, they changed their name band name (Coma Lies to Coma Lies NC), and their vocalist (Liam Christenson to Reece Moon). Current Lineup:
Reece - Vocals
Andy - Guitar
Russ - Bass
Josh - Guitar
Mitta - Drums

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