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Jealous is a russian young english-language rock/hardcore band from Kaliningrad. They had released EP in 2006 called "Best regards..." and "FUCK YEAH!" in 2008. They are currently releasing a split-CD with Moscow hardcore-metal band My Endless Sky
More information on: Jealous is also a uk based hardcore punk band from Northampton. They have released a 4 track demo CD and a 6 track 7" record on Double Crossed Records as well as a split record with The Romance. Their myspace is

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There are two bands called "Minaret" 1) Minaret are a psychedelic rock band from Carlisle, UK. The band is made up of Stuart Whitaker, James Johnson, Paul Saag and David Langfield. 2) Minaret - screamo / emoviolence band from Moscow, Russia that was founded in April 2011.

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