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Far Too Loud

Emerging from outer London, Far Too Loud are a fresh UK breakbeat DJ/production crew with the aim of creating sounds to rinse dancefloors across the world. Their sound is becoming increasingly recognized for its peak-time mix of psychadelic sounds, slammin’ basses and heavy funk, influenced by some serious partying across the country. A year on from their debut in summer 2005, Far Too Loud have brought releases to the scene on the highly respected labels 777, Broke and Funkatech.

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DJ Isaac

Roel "DJ Isaac" Schutrups was born in Winschoten in the northern part of Holland on June 8th 1974. He started his music career as a remixer for Dutch radio stations with an oldschool tape recorder and a small Casio sampler. Through the years he bought new and better equipment and started to develop his own unique style of production which resulted in his first record called "Bad Dreams" which was released in 1995 and became a huge Dutch hardcore techno hit. DJ Isaac started deejaying as well and became one of the pioneers of Dutch hardcore techno.

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Morphology can be
1 Morphology
2 MC Morphology 1 ‘Morphology’, a new collaboration from Finland consisting of Michael Diekmann who records under the alias CRC and Matti Turunen otherwise known as Näköradiomies. Morphology fuses early electro sounds with haunting melodies to create a deep blend of atmospheric future funk. 2 MC Morphology is a vocalist, Jungle/Drum&Bass MC, writer and poet currently working for www.last.fm/label/ubrecordz, based in Southern England, UK.

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