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The Wooden Spoons

The wooden spoons introduce a fresh, contemporary, yet traditional approach of song-writing and arrangements, taking themselves a step back (or forward?) from the current suffocated market of the indie post-punk culture. These young, mischievous spoons strive into the mist of epic sea shanty sing-a-longs, distinctive musical progressions and preach even more decadent, sinister tales of humanity. Comprising of twin brothers Dan and Graeme as well as fellow musicians Rich and Joshua, their full band set up generally includes piano...

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The Exploited are a Scottish punk band from the second wave of UK punk, formed in 1979. They started out as an Oi! band, before transforming into a faster street punk and hardcore punk band, only with a heavy political influence. From about 1987 on (around the time of Death Before Dishonour) they changed into a crossover thrash band. Formed in Edinburgh by ex-soldier Wattie Buchan, they signed to Secret Records in March 1981 and released their debut EP Army Life.

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There are at least two artist with name Makoto: 1. Based in Tokyo, Makoto Shimizu, better known as simply Makoto, is Japan's chief Drum & Bass ambassador. After completing an Acoustic Engineering major at Nippon University, Makoto first signed with LTJ Bukem's legendary Good Looking Records back in 1999.
Since then he has gone from strength to strength, releasing a long string of quality music in the form of singles and EP's, but also on the famous 'Earth' and 'Progression Sessions' compilation albums.

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There are several bands by the name of Sugar:
(1) Project of former Hüsker Dü member Bob Mould.
(2) is a Korean girl-pop group with releases in Japan and Korea
(3) is a Japanese visual-kei group (Sugar).
(4) is Australian psy-trance producer / artist Felix Hamer, on the Green Ant label from Melbourne, Australia.
(5) is a rockband from Den Bosch The Netherlands. Sugar (1) was formed by Bob Mould after the breakup of Hüsker Dü, and conceived as having a similar sound, though with Mould as the sole leader.

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Leeds based trio I SWIM WITH SHARKS blend infectious melodies with a scissor kicking live presence to create their exciting Guitar Driven Aggro Pop. Over the last 12 months the band have shared stages with the likes of Alabama 3 and Mr Beastly amongst others and have enamoured audiences with their commanding live performances. Their debut release, the single

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Dirty F

Dirty F are a post punk/rock group from Melbourne, Australia, consisting of James Podhorodecki (vocals), Julian Medor (guitar), Tom Abraham (bass) and Darren Keane (drums). Their sound is described as raw, energetic and in-your-face. Dirty F released their debut EP in 2010 entitled "Washed Up" which was preceded by consistent headlining shows around the Melbourne bar scene. The band gained a reputation for unrelenting, high-energy shows, which occaisionally ruffled some feathers and led to the group being banned from playing at certain venues.

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