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Michael Wookey

At the age of 15, Michael Wookey was given a portable pump organ which belonged to his grandfather who was an organist during World War II. This instrument inspired Michael to write some songs and to start collecting obscure instruments.
At the age of 20 , Michael recorded his first album entitled Dreams Of You. This album featured mostly his collection of vintage organs and a lot of Casios.
At the age of 24 Michael completed his second album entitled You Shield Me From Darkness which features many obscure instruments such as an Optigan...

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Fog is a name of at least five artists: 1) A pseudonym of Andrew Broder, who notably changes style from album to album. The first released was a self titled on Ninja Tune in 2002 after he was brought to the attention of the label by Doseone. Ether Teeth followed in 2003, Hummer EP in 2004, 10th Avenue Freakout in 2005, the Loss Leader EP in 2006 and most recently, Ditherer in 2007. Andrew collaborated with Jonathan 'Yoni' Wolf of Why? on the 2003 release Hymie's Basement on the London label Lex Records.

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Annie Lewandowski was born and raised in the Midwest and now lives in England. She writes songs under the name powerdove. Her first band, Emma Zunz, recorded their self-titled debut album in 2006. She has also recorded with [ Hawnay Troof ] ~ [ The Curtains ] and [ Xiu Xiu ] and toured the US and the UK as a member of The Curtains in 2006. Whilst living in the Bay Area, she performed in the band Okay. On Valentine’s Day 2009, powerdove [ with Jason Hoopes and Alex Vittum ] recorded their debut album in the Mills College Concert Hall.

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The Burning Hell

The Burning Hell is the alter-ego of songwriter and ukulele-slinger Mathias Kom. Loosely based in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, The Burning Hell has toured back and forth across Canada and Europe since 2007, playing everywhere from festivals to bars to living rooms - and once even a mental asylum in rural France. The band has garnered acclaim for their hyperactive live shows and their caustic yet sincere lyrics, believing as they do that songs about the inevitability of death can also be fun to dance to.

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Jil is lucky

BIOGRAPHIE Jil… Initiales de Jil Is Lucky et prénom d’un jeune artiste folk de 25 ans Jil n’a que 7 ans lorsqu’il jette ses premiers accords sur une vieille guitare cassée.
Sa mère ne se doute pas que quelques années plus tard (à 12 ans) il accompagnera à la basse son grand frère dans des bars, toussant sur ses premières cigarettes et se planquant derrière l’ampli pour échapper aux contrôles de police.

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Marian Call

Marian Call is a composer and singer currently living in Juneau, Alaska. Her self-produced debut album, Vanilla, is an eclectic yet internally cohesive collection of songs. Her compositions are half study & calculation, half improvisational instinct. Marian was born into a family of musicians and artists, and she was raised on a steady diet of Bach, Beethoven, and Joni Mitchell in her hometown of Gig Harbor, Washington.

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