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2ls artist connections

Bass Junkie

U.K.-based producer Phil Klein releases Miami bass-inflected new school electro under his Bass Junkie aegis. Appearing most recently on the Breakin' Records label and on his own Parallax imprint, Klein's Bass Junkie material draws liberally from classics of electro-funk and bass music -- from Freestyle's "It's Automatic" and Unknown DJ's "808 Beats" to Maggotron's "Planet of Bass" -- combining truckloads of samples with crisp, uptempo rhythms and, naturally, the deepest of bone-rattling bass. Although his discography includes a number of tracks released as Battle Systems, I.

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Rick Hopkins

Rick Hopkins is 29 and currently resides in Saranac, Michigan with his wife of 9 years and three kids. Rick was born and raised out in the country just north of St Johns, Michigan. Rick and his wife got engaged right after high school, went to college together at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. While going to school at Cornerstone they became involved with Ada Bible Church where they continue to attend. Rick leads worship regularly, his wife works in children's ministry, and they lead a married couples small group.

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Shelley Parker

"She plays lots of different styles but predominantly minimal groovy bass heavy electro, in a style, we think, comparable to Andrew Weatherall and Keith Tenniswood." DJ MAG Recruited to the notorious Haywire roster after witnessing her DJ skills at the art-inspired electro night 'NERD' which she co-promoted, London based DJ, Shelley Parker has been rocking dancefloors all over the UK and Europe.

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A regular player and mover throughout London's underground. Inspired by dubstep, drum
& bass, electro, breaks and techno Noyeahno is the moniker for seasoned DJ
Stacey. Co-founder of Rag & Bone records, Noyeahno's production fuze the
fattest bass and warped electronics, all delicately hinged together with
deep and haunting melody. Distinctive and unique in style she also offers up
the best breabeat fuelled sets, all peppered with an acquired taste for the

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