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The Seekers

The Seekers were a group of Australian folk-influenced popular musicians which was formed in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, in 1962. They were the first Australian popular music group to achieve significant chart and sales success in the United Kingdom and the United States. Their 1960s hits included: "I'll Never Find Another You", "A World of Our Own" , "The Carnival Is Over" (which The Seekers have sung at various closing ceremonies in Australia, including Expo '88 and the Paralympics), "Someday One Day"...

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Ezra Furman & The Harpoons

Ezra Furman & the Harpoons were formed in 2006 because of songs. Ezra had written songs that were urgent, desperate, pretty, and explosive, and these songs had to be heard. From personal musical sketches to glorious, rollicking pop songs, Ezra Furman & the Harpoons work tirelessly toward capturing the beauty, despair and headlong wildness of life, that too-often overlooked magic and poetry that makes us human.

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Patty Griffin

Patty Griffin, born Patricia Jean Griffin, March 16th, 1964 in Old Town, Maine, is an American singer. She brought out her debut album Living With Ghosts--a set of demos featuring only Ms. Griffin and her guitar--to critical acclaim in 1996. Her sophomore album, Flaming Red, demonstrated a more rocking, full-band sound. The ill-fated Silver Bell album was never released by her record label, however, and the label terminated her recording contract shortly after that. Many of the songs from Silver Bell were re-recorded for subsequent albums.

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The Sans Pareil

The Sans Pareil formed in 2005 as a guitar and violin duo originally called Pariah. After relocating from deepest, darkest Kent to greyest, murkiest London they spent the next 2 years song writing, recording and playing live. In 2007 they self released the Cul-De-Sac ep and afterwards recruited a full-time drummer upon which they wrote a new set of songs. 4 of which comprimise the MMVIII ep, recorded at the arse-end of 2007, it displays The Sans Pareil's driving rhythms, urgent guitar lines...

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The Extraordinaires

An indie rock group from Pennsylvania and Charlottesville, Virginia. They've released three CDs, yet the first ("Ikua") is out of circulation for the time being. The second CD ("Ribbons of War") is a brilliant themed CD telling the operatic love tale of the brooding Captain, the fair Annelies, and their forbidden love. Their third CD ("Short Stories") is composed of songs from their first album, as well as several previously unreleased songs from Ribbons of War.

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