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The Mills

The Mills es una banda de rock colombiana. La cual nace cuando Bako (Alvaro Charry) y Geogy (Jorge Luis Bello) sin ningún tipo de pasado musical empiezan a armar canciones y melodías. Con el tiempo de manera empírica logran acoplar nuevos sonidos y tendencias. Luego llega Juan D (Juan David Parra) y aporta su experiencia como baterista de otras bandas bogotanas.
Después de haber tocado con 3 bajistas diferentes llega Czar B (César Barajas) y con su sonido la banda queda completa.

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Molo is a singer and songwriter from Medellín, Colombia, South America.

He learned playing instruments by ear, and has been composing since age 7. Molo was primarily influenced by Brit Pop and Rock en Español, and so he sings both in English and Spanish, and he has managed to create songs for different moods, with various twists that broadens his audience.
His 11-track debut album is named after the song “Ruta 800”, and captures the feelings of that road trip that takes us to our desires, dreams and hopes.

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Dia De Los Muertos

Dia De Los Muertos is a metal band, formed in Los Angeles, California in 2005. Founded by Andres Jaramillo and Alfonso Pinzon of Agony, and Vincent Price of Body Count, as a side project. Since they couldn't find an official singer for the band, they asked a few friends to write lyrics and record vocals over their music. That's how the band created a 'brotherhood' around their music and the bilingual Latino concept of the band's name, meaning and background.

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Dione a.k.a. Erik Ypma started DJ'ing at the end of the 80's at a youth centre. He organized parties at Bubbles in Lelystad and started a radio program at a local station. His first productions were released at Rams Horn Records/5th Gear and appeared on over 50 cd's. His (award-winning) radioshow, "Hakkuh" at New Dance Radio, became Holland's most populair hardcore programme. He started producing and DJ'ing for ID&T (Mysteryland, Thunderdome, Earthquake etc.) Dione played in Finland, Letland, Estland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Hungary and Holland.

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Ilona is FOUR different singers/bands: -- 1: Ilona Mitrecey (more commonly known as Ilona) (born September 1, 1993) is a young French singer. She became famous in France after the release of her hit single, "Un monde parfait" ("A Perfect World"), a high-energy techno song which had already been released in Italy in March 2004 under the name Très Bien featuring Ilona, on February 28, 2005, based on a traditional Neapolitan song.

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1) Kraken is a heavy metal band in Colombia, founded in Medellín in 1984 by Elkin Ramírez, his vocalist. 2) Kraken is a Belgian experimental/industrial/ambient duo (Joris Vermost and Ricardo Gomez Y De Buck) who exist since 1988 and release music on the Spectre label. 3) Kraken was a dark/tech step drum and bass artist from the UK; an alias for Shaun Morris (Stakka) and Nathan Vinall (Skynet). 3) Kraken was a NWOBHM band. They released a demo and a single.

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There is more than one artist with this name, so please leave the pic with both artists.
Hay más de un artista con el nombre de Maia, así que por favor dejen la foto con los dos artistas. 1. Maia - UK Alternative Folk Band Maia are a British Band, born all over the UK and brought together in Huddersfield, who have been compared with Beirut and Noah and the Whale; on pills. Their self-titled debut album is being released in March 2010, including the single "Sidelines".

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(1) At the age of 17, the french boy only gets in clubs to mix and already controls the turnables with an incredibly easiness. From parties to encounters, he is offered to play in places like the famous Club "Privilege" (Ibiza) or Social Club (Paris) besides artists like Sound Pellegrino, Pearson Sound , Julio Bashmore or Catz 'N Dogz.
Now Coni is 21 and just released his first EP on ClekClekBoom (Vinyl & Digital). He just moved to London and works on some new stuff with the well-known Sasha. (2)CONI: Coni Cibils / Voz y Guitarra Acustic

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