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Percee P

Percee P (b. John Percy Simon, 1971) is an underground hip-hop artist from the Patterson Projects, South Bronx, New York City. He is known in the underground for selling his mixtapes himself at shows and in front of Fat Beats and for his many guest appearances on other alternative and underground hip-hop artists' releases. He has worked with such rappers as Big Daddy Kane, Kool Keith, Lord Finesse, Aesop Rock, Edan, Jurassic 5, C-Rayz Walz, Jaylib, Jedi Mind Tricks, Maestro Fresh Wes, Wildchild, and many more.

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Nick Terranova. And His signature blend of catchy vocals, booming bass lines and genre-defying range are always in full effect on tour or at his "Dirty Sound" residencies at Late Night Empire in Las Vegas, crobar Chicago, Lizard Lounge in Dallas, On Broadway in San Diego, Bleu in Detroit, and Bliss in San Antonio. The energy and sexiness that are hallmarks of Terranova’s live shows are also his trademarks as a producer and remixer - a dance music "triple threat." That dirty vocal track your girlfriend keeps singing in the shower? It’s a Nick Terranova production.

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Alejandro Fernandez

Alejandro Fernandez (born April 24, 1971) is a popular Latin Grammy-winning Mexican singer nicknamed as "El Potrillo" ("The Little Colt") by the media and his fans. ] Alejandro originally specialized in traditional, earthy forms of Mexican folk and country music, such as mariachi and ranchera. However, his more recent work has focused on mainstream pop music. He is the son of Vicente Fernández, also a popular Mexican country singer.

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the five of us were auspiciously formed into a band during a WELL JOKES science lesson about spontaneous combustion, and with the use of greensparkes' german skills, we were able to fabricate the name that is,
ja ja wunderbar.
with big man spex on the buttons, practices often end in murphs gums bleeding. and if he, the night hobbit, shows up we would try not understand the emotional realms he continously wanders to. leaving behind the 3 remaining members, to fuck shit up quickly.

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My Heart Belongs to Cecilia Winter

My Heart belongs to Cecilia Winter, A Swiss Indie Pop band, originated from Zurich, Switzerland.
The Band members are Thom Luz (Voc, Git) Betty Fischer (Voc, Bass) Gerber (Drums, Xylo, Celesta).
They just released "Our Love Will Cut Through Everything" album on 2010.
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