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There are two artists under the name Outsider Outsider
A Korean Hip Hop artist well known for his fast rapping, approximately 5 words per second, setting a world record. Band:
Robert (Robi) Kukhianidze - Vocals, Guitar
Saba (Basa) Kuprashvili - Bass-guitar
Giga (Bajoo) Mjhavia - Drums (1990-1992)
Gia (Jhestoka) Shilakadze - Drums (1992-2000)
Giorgi (Gobeja) Gobejishvili - Bass-guitar (2004)
Akaki (Kakia) Japharidze - Drums (2002)

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There are several bands by the name of Sugar:
(1) Project of former Hüsker Dü member Bob Mould.
(2) is a Korean girl-pop group with releases in Japan and Korea
(3) is a Japanese visual-kei group (Sugar).
(4) is Australian psy-trance producer / artist Felix Hamer, on the Green Ant label from Melbourne, Australia.
(5) is a rockband from Den Bosch The Netherlands. Sugar (1) was formed by Bob Mould after the breakup of Hüsker Dü, and conceived as having a similar sound, though with Mould as the sole leader.

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There are four artists with this name: 1) Vibe (바이브) is a Korean R&B group. Their name means "a vibration felt from the heart" which is a perfect description of their R&B ballads. They released their volume 1 "Afterglow" in 2002. The title track "Promise U", was a hit as it was a soulful ballad that had a smooth rap which flowed quite well in the song. In 2003, the group released their volume 2 "Do U Remember" with the same style of ballads.

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There is more than one artist with the name Ophelia: 1. Ophelia are a metal band hailing from Chelmsford, Essex. Formed in late 2008, the band immediately started writing material and playing gigs in the local area. The spring of 2009 saw the band recording their debut E.P. at CDS Studios in Essex. By summer artwork and design had been finished, and the band raised money for CD replication throughout the autumn using a ‘presale scheme' that allowed fans to preorder and pay for the E.P. before it came out, ensuring them a signed copy.

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Galaxy Express

갤럭시 익스프레스 (English: Galaxy Express) is a band which was made up in 2006 in Seoul, South Korea. Currently it consists of three members: 이주현 (Lee Joohyeon) - Bass/Vocals, 박종현 (Park Jonghyeon) - Guitar /Vocals, and 윤홍구 (Yoon Honggu) - Drums. Each member gained experience in the music scene in the bands like Ghetto Bombs, Vassline, etc. They appeared at various concerts such as EBS Space Gong Gam, Gwang Myeong Music Valley 2007, and Indie Music Festa 2007. Discography:

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Gate Flowers

시애틀 그런지 록과 프로그레시프 록에 빠져 있던 박근홍(보컬), 그리고 오랜 친구사이인 염승식(기타)과 양종은(드럼)은 서로의 공연을 보고 막연한 호감을 느끼고 있다가, 2005년 아주 사소한 계기로 뭉치게 되었다. 그러나 2년간의 지지부진한 활동 끝에 결국 해체, 각자의 활동을 하던 중 록 밴드에 대한 아쉬움을 버리지 못하고 2008년 재결성했다. 그 후 이장혁밴드에서 활동하는 유재인(베이스)이 합류, 4인조 라인업이 완성됐다. 지난해 가을 내놓은 데뷔 EP에는 총 6곡이 수록되어 있는데, 각각의 트랙 사이마다 그 곡들을 만드는 잼 세션이 포함되어 실질적으로는 12곡이 들어 있는 것이 특징. 제8회 한국대중음악상에서 올해의 신인으로 선정되었으며, ‘예비역’으로 최우수 록 노래 부문을 수상하며 2관왕에 올랐다.

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There is more than one artist with the name Marco: (Each entry for a different Marco) - Marco is an American electronic musician from New Jersey active since 2011, his official debut EP (Love Life EP) was released in February 2012. His influences include Daft Punk, Justice, Deadmau5, Tiesto, and Skrillex. His music is influenced by many electronic styles including Electro, House, Trance, Hardstyle, and Rave music. He frequently uses the alias "MarcoMakesMusic" for his online accounts to differentiate himself from other artists with a similar name.

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