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Handguns is a pop punk band based in Harrisburg, PA. Taking influence from bands such as Lifetime, The Movielife, and Saves The Day, the band released their debut EP, "Anywhere But Home", in 2010. Later that year, the band signed with Pure Noise Records who put out their latest release, "Don't Bite Your Tongue", in February 2011. Their debut full length, Angst, is set to be released through Pure Noise Records on September 25th 2012.

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Twitching Tongues

Formed late 2009 in Los Angeles, California, Twitching Tongues brings a style of metal (doom metal) and rock infused hardcore not often heard in today's modern scene. Influenced by the likes of
Type O Negative, Only Living Witness, Black Sabbath, Sam Black Church, Agents of Man
and Section 8, the band finds a way to maintain originality and showcase their own
vastly unique sound. Featuring present members of such local powerhouses
as Ruckus, Creatures, Alpha & Omega and Nails.

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