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Obey The Brave

|| Official Site || Facebook || Twitter || Tumblr || Youtube || Montreal & Ottawa, Canada - 2012 "Not trying to reinvent the wheel. We keep it simple. We keep it real." Obey The Brave is a metalcore band featuring ex-members of Despised Icon & Blind Witness. Alex Erian (ex-Despised Icon) - Vocals
Miguel Lepage (ex-Blind Witness)- Bass
John Campbell - Guitar
Greg Wood - Guitar
Stevie Morotti - Drums

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Allay The Sea

Allay The Sea are a Christian Hardcore/Metalcore band brought from the eastern winds of the Newcastle area.
In todays Metal scene it is easy to be labelled as not being original, Allay The Sea's aspirations are to show Australian and International audiences a unique style made by their sound.
A fusion of brutality and melody is the heart of Allay The Sea's unique sound.
2010 will be a big year for Allay The Sea as they are in the process of printing their debut EP "Descent".

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From Adelaide.
We'r called Remassacre.
We are a 5 piece heavy hardcore metal band.
We have a demo out and are looking forward to releasing an EP some time at the end of the year or start of next year. They're Demo has 4 songs.
1.You Stand For Nothing
3.A Door best left closed.
4.Naughts and burning crosses They are a fucking sick band haha

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The Contortionist

There are two artists called The Contortionist. 1) A band from Indianapolis: Bottom heavy open chords that resonate strong enough to shake the core of the earth. Skyrocketing bursts of oscillating guitar leads layer an ominous and dark undercurrent of rhythm. While hardcore punk may be the sound that rules the day in The Contortionist hometown of Indianapolis, it is the band

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