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There are more artists with this name:
#1 Daisy, a Finnish band
#2 Daisy, a female DJ
#3 Daisy, a Swedish singer (known earlier as Starclub)
#4 Daisy, a Norwegian band
#5 Daisy, a Mongolian singer
#6 Daisy, a Croatian band (#1)
Daisy has been together in this form since 1999, when Matti Ikonen (keyboards) joined the group. As soon as he joined, after about 6 gigs, Thomas (vocals, guitar) left for England to study. This brought the band to a near standstill for three years.

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Shelf Life

1) Shelf Life is the solo project of Scotty Leitch (Pirouette, Young Bull, The Sniffles, Bonjour, etc). On the internet at http://soundcloud.com/ikey-heyman 2) It all began in Rubber Soul, the live house in Tokyo's Kokubunji district. Late 2003 - Dom Pates (formerly of Britain's The Zamora) wandered in and met bar owner Cheryo. Dom asked for a track for an album he was producing. The song 'Hallelujah Jambo' by Cheryo & The Berovolas, originally written in Kenya with local musicians, appeared on the 'Peace Not War Japan' compilation when released in 2006.

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Superfly is a Japanese duo consisting of the vocalist 越智志帆 (Ochi Shiho) and guitarist 多保孝一 (Tabo Koichi). As of 2008, only Ochi Shiho remains. Tabo Koichi left to focus on composing and arranging music. Info about 越智志帆 (Ochi Shiho)
Date of Birth: 1984.02.25
Height: 151cm
Vocal Influences: Janis Joplin, Carole King, Maria Muldaur, The Rolling Stones Info about 多保孝一 (Tabo Koichi)
Date of Birth: 1982.02.11
Favorite Music: 1970's music

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There is more than one artist with the name Bird. For the Thai male solo artist 'Thongchai Bird McIntyre', see Bird Thongchai. [1] A Japanese female solo artist. Bird is one of Japan's biggest names in jazz. Her fusion of jazz, R&B, bossa nova, swing and house has won her a fan-base all on her own. She began doing folk-type music in 2002, but after almost a year of hiatus, her single Warabigami was released. This time Bird went for a reggae feel. With her latest single SPARKLES, she has gone back to her jazz roots but has mixed in disco as well.

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There are several artists using this name: 1) Ultra-hooky, dramatic vocal harmony-drenched tunes. Echoes of the Beatles, Harry Nilsson, the Beach Boys, and Phil Spector are everywhere. Hal go beyond imitation and use their influences, as a good band should, as guides and not blueprints. Tim Sendra-All Music Guide.
Dublin 3-piece, Hal, formed in 2003 and were signed by Jeff Travis to Rough Trade Records in 2004. Their eponymous debut album was produced by Tears for Fears’ Ian Stanley, and released to critical acclaim in 2005, producing two UK and Irish top 40 chart hits.

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