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There isn't much to say about us. We are a young Hardcore Band from Berlin and making music since November 2007.
We recorded our first EP "A New Path" in summer 2008. This year we came back to hidden planet studio and recorded 5 new songs.
You can get our new CD beginning of April or on our Tour with Eye Shot Emily.
Also you can leave a message on our myspace site and you will get it as soon as possible.

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There's more than one artist under this name:
1. Thorns (formed as Stigma Diabolicum, but changed name to Thorns after two years) is a Norwegian black metal band, masterminded by Blackthorn (Snorre W. Ruch - also in Mayhem and Satyricon). They made two highly influential demos in the early 90's, Grymyrk and Trøndertun, but have only released one full-length album, since the band was founded, in 1989.

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Borbetomagus are a free improvisation group.
Borbetomagus formed in 1979 when saxophone players Jim Sauter and Don Dietrich collaborated with electric guitarist Don Miller; bass guitarist Adam Nodelman was briefly a member. Their music has been described as "a huge, overpowering, take-no-prisoners mass of sound." One extended technique they use is called "bells together" where Sauter and Dietrich physically place the openings of their saxophones against each other.

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There is more than one artist(s) with the name Iconoclast 1) Iconoclast formed in the early 90's in New Jersey amidst a flourishing of diverse hardcore bands, such as Rorshach, Born Against, 1.6 band, Native Nod, Policy of 3, Merel, Greyhouse, Chisel. They recorded their self-titled first 7" for the Ebullition label, followed by a split 7" with the band Merel. Ebullition also released their 'Groundlessness of Belief' 7" and a discography on CD.

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Groove is the band that Chris Wade brought with him to Richmond, VA that featured the tried and true ensemble of musicians from the bands Device and Rebound. the post-punk guitar style (that Chris learned from Gut Rochelle) and the emo sensibilties of this band combined with the freight train rhythm section and scene popularity of Hgual would create Hose.Got.Cable right after this bands demise. They have released two 7" records:
Crutch/overcast (1991, SunSpot records)

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1. statues are a power pop outfit from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. They are comprised of Rob Seaton (vocals, guitar), Jeff Houle (drums, vocals) and Mitch Houle (bass, vocals). You can find more information on their MySpace page (http://www.myspace.com/statues) or their own website (http://www.statues.ca). 2. Statues is a chaotic hardcore band from Perth, Australia, made up of Mike Dann (vocals), Duncan Wolfe (drums), Scott Kay (guitars) and Matt Templeman (bass).

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Andy Jarvis

Andy Jarvis (a.k.a. A. Jarvis) comes from the same school of UK psychedelia as one of his close collaborators, Ben Reynolds. Jarvis spends his time recording solo mini-epics as well as playing in numerous duos and groups like Sculptress and w/ his sister Mikarla. Not only that, but he also runs the excellent and unparallelled three-inch CDR imprint, Firstperson. The label has cranked out a few dozen releases in the past few years, all handsomely packaged in transparent acestate covers.

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Sequoia is (1) a band from Chicago. They released their debut album, "Monday Morning" in 2005. Their sophmore album, "Time to Change", was released in May of 2008. In 2009 they added Cully Johnston from Grinner/Powers on guitar and in 2011 released their third full-length, "Couple Two Tree." It was engineered/produced by Allen Epley (Shiner, The Life and Times) and Eric Abert (The Life and Times, Ring Cicada) and recorded at Matt Talbott's (HUM) studio, Earth Analog.

Read more about Sequoia on Last.fm.

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