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Kim Weston

Kim Weston (born Agatha Natalie Weston, December 30, 1939, in Detroit, Michigan) is an African American soul singer, and Motown Records alumna. She was signed to the record label in 1963, scoring a minor hit with "Love Me All the Way" (R&B #24, Pop #88). Her biggest solo hits with Motown were "Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While)" (R&B #4, Pop #50, 1965; later covered by The Isley Brothers, Blood, Sweat & Tears and The Doobie Brothers) and "Helpless" (R&B #13, Pop #56, 1966; previously recorded by The Four Tops on their Second Album LP).

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From http://www.myspace.com/daktalband Daktal stands out from the crowd and defy catagorization with their unique songwriting abilities. Bassist Vrate Gill and drummer Shawn Parker lay down the tight grooves over which Greg Santora (guitar) and Ted Parks (vocals) magically ride on top of; to create as a whole, a very interesting musical landscape full of twists and turns. With just one listen most people have been impressed by the many riffs and hooks that make up their songs.

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ADULT. is an band from Detroit, Michigan that integrates vocals with drum machines, analog synths and electronic/punk elements. They started releasing albums in 1998 under the pseudonymn "Plasma Co." Initially, ADULT. members were unrevealed, but now it is known that the band consists of husband-and-wife Adam Lee Miller (formerly of Le Car) and visual artist Nicola Kuperus. The two members are also the founders of the Ersatz Audio record label.

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The Juliets

There are more than one artists with the name The Juliets. [1]
The Juliets are made up of guitarist and pianist Jeremy Freer (Freer), cellist Kaylan Mitchell (The Silent Years, Canada), violinist Sarah Myers, bassist Kip Donlon (Silverghost) and drummer Scott Masson (OFFICE). You can download their self-titled debut album at http://thejuliets.bandcamp.com [2]
The Juliets is a temporary project from Severe Outburst guitarist and bassist Paul Berndsen and Roel van den Brand, and Harvest Moon drummer Sandor Paulus and Koen Schonhoven.

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Small Houses

Small Houses is acoustic/folk artist Jeremy Quentin, from Flint, Michigan. Starting to write music in 2008, Quentin released his debut album, "Our Dusking Sound' Saturday, February 27th 2010 and is available on iTunes. "Our Dusking Sound" features several collaborations, all with close friends of Quentin. Quentin currently attends Berklee Music School in Boston. Listen to tracks on Small Houses' official Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/smallhousessing Official Releases:

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