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Captain Kennedy

Captain Kennedy, a 7-piece folk rock band from Northern Ireland, are earthy, their music visceral. The past couple of years have seen the band establish their position on the Irish music scene with gigs in high profile venues across the country, including a sold-out Mandela Hall. Support slots for the likes of

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Juliet Kelly

Sophisticated but never complicated. Intelligent but never intellectual. Juliet’s sound perfectly encapsulates the glamour of the jazz divas of a bygone age with a modern, sassy twist. It’s been described as a cross between Grace Jones and Peggy Lee with a hint of Amy Winehouse but Juliet calls it “sophisticated music for stylish people” - Glam Jazz! Becoming a jazz singer seemed an unlikely prospect for Juliet who grew up in London in a strict, religious household.

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Singer Songwriter
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Selda (Selda Ba?can, born 1948 in Mu?la, Turkey) is a Turkish wonder, heroine of the anatolian invasion; a powerful voice and charged lyrics gave her the moniker of "the Joan Baez of Turkey". She's a protest-singer and an activist, and belongs to the Alevi religious and cultural minority. check the b-music/finders keepers reissue of her self titled 70s album for a mind blowing explosion of psychedelic radical folk pop. selda is a revalatory and groovy in new ways experience for your earhole.

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There are two artists that have gone by the name "Dynamic".
1) Psytrance duo from Israel. They are and Ben Avital and Shay Elmakaies. Their songs on Psytisfaction CDs hit the full-on hearted minds ... 2) Urban Soul, group "Dynamic" operates out of California's Bay Area. They have released two albums. The first, "Photosynthesis" was heavily influenced by hip hop and the vocal style of Dynamic's drummer/lead vocalist Darian Gray.

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In a time where seemingly every DJ and his dog has a record label, it's a real achievement just to stay afloat with so many imprints fighting over a limited stake in the market. However after five years Spearhead Records has rightfully earned an impeccable reputation amongst drum & bass aficionados for releasing consistently great music; from sweet soulful liquid and sparse minimal to full on dance floor workouts.

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