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The Turbans

The Turbans were an African American doo-wop group, who were formed in Philadelphia in 1953. The original members were: Al Banks (lead tenor), Matthew Platt (second tenor), Charlie Williams (baritone), and Andrew "Chet" Jones (bass) and they came from Downtown Philadelphia (around Bainbridge and South Street). Herman Gillespie was their first manager. Around Christmas 1954, they won first prize in a talent contest singing their rendition of Clyde McPhatter and the Drifters’ "White Christmas".

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The Chords

There were two groups called The Chords. 1. The British mod-revival band called The Chords consisted of Chris Pope, Martin Mason, Billy Hassett, and Brett Ascott. The Chords story starts with cousins Billy Hassett and Martin Mason rehearsing Beatles and Who songs, etc, together at school. Via a New Musical Express advert Chris Pope joins in January 1978. They spend the year writing, rehearsing and playing a couple of gigs. They also fail to become the band in Quadrophenia - too loud apparently!.

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The Rivals

As always, there seems to be more than one group with a name like this 1)The Rivals were a UK punk band from Ramsgate, in existence from 1976-1981. Originally formed by childhood friends Mark Edwards (guitar, vocals) and Paul Leinster (bass, vocals), they soon added Mark Hebden (drums). The most well known lineup for the band, and the one that produced the vast majority of music that you can find from them, came about when Hebden left the band, to be replaced by Paul Daley on drums.

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The Platters

The Platters were a successful black vocal group of the early rock n roll era. Their distinctive sound was a bridge between the pre-rock n roll Tin Pan Alley tradition of the Ink Spots and the Mills Brothers and the explosion of teenage music in the mid 1950s. The most successful incarnation of the group comprised lead tenor Tony Williams, David Lynch, Paul Robi, Herb Reed, and Zola Taylor. The group formed in Los Angeles in 1953, initially managed by Ralph Bass.

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The Sparrows

There are three bands named The Sparrows: 1. The Sparrows were a Dallas, Texas band most noted for the membership of Carter Albrecht. Having achieved a local following, the band produced two complete records. Rock and Roll Days contained fan favorite, Bring Me the Head of Jose Cuervo and Snowflakes had I Need to Hear a Quieter Song. Albrecht was named Musician of the Year and Songwriter of the Year in Dallas in 2003. Some members of The Sparrows went on to form Sorta. Albrecht performed with Sorta and Edie Brickell's New Bohemians before his death in the fall of 2007.

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