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The Turbans

The Turbans were an African American doo-wop group, who were formed in Philadelphia in 1953. The original members were: Al Banks (lead tenor), Matthew Platt (second tenor), Charlie Williams (baritone), and Andrew "Chet" Jones (bass) and they came from Downtown Philadelphia (around Bainbridge and South Street). Herman Gillespie was their first manager. Around Christmas 1954, they won first prize in a talent contest singing their rendition of Clyde McPhatter and the Drifters’ "White Christmas".

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The Drifters

The Drifters are a long-lived american doo wop r&b Pop(tag) band, originally formed by Clyde McPhatter (of Billy Ward & The Dominoes) in 1953. There have been over 60 members since 1953. shows the current lineup and tour dates. The original Drifters Ahmet Ertegün of Atlantic Records approached Clyde McPhatter after he left The Dominoes and signed him. McPhatter first recruited several members of his former group...

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The Mudlarks

They were a family group from Luton, Bedfordshire, comprising Jeff Mudd (b. 1935), Fred Mudd (b. 1937, d. 2007), and Mary Mudd (b. 1939).[2] According to press releases at the time, they all had jobs at the Vauxhall motor plant in Luton, and spent their spare time singing together.[2] In 1958 they attracted the attention of BBC Radio disc jockey David Jacobs, who won them an appearance on the Six-Five Special TV show, and a recording contract with EMI's Columbia label.[2]

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Steve Gibson

Steve Gibson is an expert in the field of security and the person who coined the term "Spyware." He owns GRC (Gibson Research Corporation) which has been the creator of various paid and free tools to solve problems, including the well-known Spinrite, a disk recovery tool that has many advanced features and devoted followers. Currently, his main media production which is in podcast form is "Security Now" on the TWiT network.

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The Fantastics

It seems like there are several bands with the name "The Fantastics." 1. the band from Providence RI who were around from 2000-2004 and played "cold wave". Many of the same members are now in a band called The Cold War. 2. In December 2007 Reverend Cleatus & The Soul Saviours was renamed The Fantastics!.
Formed in 2003 from the wreckage of legendary UK Hammond funk outfits The Soul Destroyers and The Longo Allstars...

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The Scarlets

There are at least three artists with the name "The Scarlets" 1. A four piece Australian punk-rock band (2009- present), released "Blow Your House Down" 2010.
2. An indie rock group from Seattle.
3. A doo-wop group formed in Connecticut in 1953 and led by Fred Parris. 1. Drawing musical inspiration predominantly from German and Scandinavian punk-rock and decorated with lyrics that throw back to everyone from Kiss to Chuck Palahniuk and Edgar Allen Poe, THE SCARLETS have a rare spark that is a diamond in the rough of rock music today.

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