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The Fantastics

It seems like there are several bands with the name "The Fantastics." 1. the band from Providence RI who were around from 2000-2004 and played "cold wave". Many of the same members are now in a band called The Cold War. 2. In December 2007 Reverend Cleatus & The Soul Saviours was renamed The Fantastics!.
Formed in 2003 from the wreckage of legendary UK Hammond funk outfits The Soul Destroyers and The Longo Allstars...

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Diamonds & Dynamite

Formerly !D! and Dynamite D!, Diamonds & Dynamite uses Nintendo Gameboys, Guitars, Keyboards and Various Childrens toys to craft his sound. Fluttering through genres such as Electro and Deep House, Dubstep and Trance, no two songs will sound the same.

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Steve Gibson

Steve Gibson is an expert in the field of security and the person who coined the term "Spyware." He owns GRC (Gibson Research Corporation) which has been the creator of various paid and free tools to solve problems, including the well-known Spinrite, a disk recovery tool that has many advanced features and devoted followers. Currently, his main media production which is in podcast form is "Security Now" on the TWiT network.

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The Silhouettes

There are multiple bands named The Silhouettes: 1. A late 60s close harmony/ jazz/psychedelia tinged vocal combo released the album "Conversations With The Silhouettes" (1969). 2. An American doo wop/R&B group whose single "Get A Job" was a #1 hit on the Billboard R&B singles chart and pop singles chart in 1958. The doo-wop revival group Sha Na Na derived their name from the song's lyrics. "Get A Job"' is included in the soundtracks of the movies, American Graffiti, Trading Places and Stand By Me.

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The Sparrows

There are three bands named The Sparrows: 1. The Sparrows were a Dallas, Texas band most noted for the membership of Carter Albrecht. Having achieved a local following, the band produced two complete records. Rock and Roll Days contained fan favorite, Bring Me the Head of Jose Cuervo and Snowflakes had I Need to Hear a Quieter Song. Albrecht was named Musician of the Year and Songwriter of the Year in Dallas in 2003. Some members of The Sparrows went on to form Sorta. Albrecht performed with Sorta and Edie Brickell's New Bohemians before his death in the fall of 2007.

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The Valentines

There are at least two groups who call themselves "The Valentines". 1) One of the most highly regarded American Doo Wop groups from the mid 1950s. Their records are highly sought by collectors. Although they never had a record on the national hit parades, they were extremely popular in New York and the East Coast in general and had many regional big sellers. The stage performances of the group were sellouts and their harmonizing and choreography in sequence were amongst the most accomplished of their time.

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The Perennials

Tuneful, inventive, modern punk rock is hard to come by these days without succumbing to the tortures of those three little letters, "E-M-O". In every suburb across America, band after band is Taking Back My Chemical Fallout, crying crocodile tears all over their overpriced guitars while the ladies up front muss their overteased hair and pout for the cameras. In the freezing alleys of working-class Boston, however, an antidote may finally be germinating in the form of THE PERENNIALS. The band may be emotive, but they are anything but emo. Tags: 
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