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The Feathers

In late 1968, David Bowie briefly led a trio called Feathers, which also included his girlfriend Hermione Fatheringale on vocals and guitar, and guitarist John "Hutch" Hutchinson (who had played with Bowie in 1966 as part of the Buzz). More folk-rockish than other Bowie endeavors before or since, they were a multi-media group that, in addition to performing songs by Bowie and Jacques Brel, used tape recordings and mime.

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Barry Gibb

Barry Alan Crompton Gibb CBE (born 1 September 1946) is a singer, songwriter and producer. He was born in Douglas, Isle of Man, to English parents. With his brothers Robin and Maurice, he formed the Bee Gees, one of the most successful pop groups of all time. The trio got their start in Australia, and found their major success when they returned to England. He is known for his high-pitched falsetto singing voice.

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The Marvelettes

The Marvelettes were an American singing girl group on the label. As Motown's first successful female vocal group, the Marvelettes were most notable for recording the label's first US #1 pop hit, "Please Mr. Postman," and for setting the precedent for later Motown girl groups such as The Supremes and Martha & The Vandellas. In 1996, they were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.

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The Downbeats

1.) The Downbeats are a vocal group which released a handful of singles on Motown records and went on to form a singing troupe with contemporary Motown artist Saundra Mallet entitled The Elgins. 2.) Punk band from Kingwood, Texas. members include: Trenton Bookout - Drums, Vocals
Alex Raasch - Bass
Aaron Goldman - Guitar, Vocals
Matt Garfield - Guitar started in 2000. has released one album (self titled) and is about to record another. We are still active and play mostly benefit shows. 3.) A bad rockabilly band from Texas.

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The Empires

The Empires were first formed in 2002 by Terrence Kramer (songwriter, vocals, guitar) and James Strachan (bass, guitar) who grew up together listening to 70s prog-rock and early jazz-fusion. Various musical projects later, John Hall (drums), formerly of By Divine Right, and Graham Walsh (guitar, synthesizers) of Flux AD and Holy Fuck joined Kramer and Strachan to make up The Empires.

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The Fireflies

There are several artists named The Fireflies
1) Danish female trio with a countryrock style
2) An American doo wop group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
3) The Fireflies participated in the Eurosong for kids preselection in Belgium
4) a major live act in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
5) An indie folk/pop band that is no longer 1) Female trio with a countryrock style Released their debut single "It´s useless" in may 2010. Contestant in danish x factor 2010 in the group category.

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Steve Gibson

Steve Gibson is an expert in the field of security and the person who coined the term "Spyware." He owns GRC (Gibson Research Corporation) which has been the creator of various paid and free tools to solve problems, including the well-known Spinrite, a disk recovery tool that has many advanced features and devoted followers. Currently, his main media production which is in podcast form is "Security Now" on the TWiT network.

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The Platters

The Platters were a successful black vocal group of the early rock n roll era. Their distinctive sound was a bridge between the pre-rock n roll Tin Pan Alley tradition of the Ink Spots and the Mills Brothers and the explosion of teenage music in the mid 1950s. The most successful incarnation of the group comprised lead tenor Tony Williams, David Lynch, Paul Robi, Herb Reed, and Zola Taylor. The group formed in Los Angeles in 1953, initially managed by Ralph Bass.

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