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The Victorian English Gentlemen's Club

The Victorian English Gentlemens Club are a three piece contemporary music group from Cardiff, Uk. They've just released their first full length album, and are currently playing a lot of gigs around the kingdom. They make a slightly cranky, bucket-like pop noise of a mildly agressive nature. They consist of two girls and one man, playing drums, bass and guitar.

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Take Anthia

(formerly known as Aces High) is a four piece alternative/rock band from the Sunshine Coast. Since forming the band some four years ago, the boys (now all age 18) have excelled in leaps and bounds, playing gigs in pubs and clubs around the coast including the grinning dog (Maroochydore), Billy's Bar (Gympie) and Kawana Hotel. They have also been showcasing their song writing talents in local music festivals like Velocity '08, HomeGrown '09, Shout Out Loud '09, and supporting Melbourne rockers the Skybombers and the Sands Tavern (Maroochydore)...

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The Black Sea

The Black Sea was formed from the ashes of Frodus in 2002 when Frodus's Shelby Cinca and Jason Hamacher decided to continue playing together. At the time they recruited Fugazi bassist Joe Lally to play bass. At the time they weren't sure on if the musical endeavor would go beyond just playing music. In February 2002, Hamacher left for a 3 month excursion to Eastern Europe and Turkey after recording drum tracks for the pair.

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Biz Markie

Biz Markie is an East Coast hip hop artist, DJ and world-renowned Human Beat Boxer, best known for humorous singles like "Just a Friend" and "Pickin' Boogers." and his pre-MTV hit "Vapors". He has been labeled The Clown Prince of Hip-Hop. His career began in the 1980s. In 1992, Biz recorded a song called "Alone Again," but Gilbert O'Sullivan claimed the track featured an unauthorized sample of his hit "Alone Again (Naturally)," and served Biz papers. His career was quite damaged from the lawsuit, and Biz ducked out of the harshest glare of the limelight for the remainder of the 1990s.

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North Mississippi Allstars

North Mississippi Allstars is an American rock/blues jam band from Hernando, Mississippi, founded in 1996. The band is composed of brothers Luther Dickinson (guitar, vocals) and Cody Dickinson (drums, keyboards, electric washboard), and Chris Chew (electric bass guitar). Duwayne Burnside, who formerly played second guitar in the band, is a son of R.l. Burnside (who has also played on some of the band's tracks).

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The Pinecone Kids

The Pinecone Kids were born this year and with downs syndrome. As a result they go around asking people if they would like to buy pinecones. Straight outta east London gutters they play gritty grungey noisy madness, but also soft soothing sonnets of ambience. Essentially, the Pinecone Kids are a clan, a consortium, and they will infect you with their Pinecone insanity. The Pinecone Kids on Soundcloud

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AlBenAza (noun): Al, Ben, and Aza. Three like minded individuals that play music. Like a musical coin AlBenAza has two sides. Heads is a mellow acoustic trio that focuses on 3 part vocal harmonies and soaring dynamics, and tails is a floor stomping, instrument swapping, beat boxing rock/reggae/funk monster. The band has supported the likes of Kubb, The Beautiful Girls, Jackson Analogue, Alabama 3, Seth Lakeman...

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Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman (Hebrew: נטלי פורטמן‎; born June 9, 1981) is an Academy Award winning Israeli-American actress. Portman began her career in the early 1990s, turning down the opportunity to become a child model in favor of acting. Her first role came in the 1994 independent film Leon: The Professional, however her breakout role did not come until she was cast as Padmé Amidala in the Star Wars prequel trilogy.[1]

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