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The Bermondsey Joyriders

Patti Palladin one time girlfriend and musical collaborator of Johnny Thunders recently spoke to Gary Lammin on the telephone. Patti had heard THE BERMONDSEY JOYRIDERS Johnny Thunders tribute track "PART OF MY PROBLEM" and Patti told Gary that PART OF MY PROBLEM was one of the best if not "THE" best tribute songs that she had heard for Johnny Thunders and THE NEW YORK DOLLS. Adding that THE BERMONDSEY JOYRIDERS had refreshingly captured The True Spirit of Johnny and The Dolls without having to resort to the usual crass statements and references regarding drugs. Tags: 
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Rose Tattoo

Rose Tattoo is an Australian blues/hard rock band, led by Angry Anderson and slide guitarist Peter Wells. Among their best known songs are "We Can't Be Beaten", "Scarred for Life" and "Bad Boy for Love" (co-written by Ian Rilen.) Their first four albums were produced by Harry Vanda and George Young who also worked with AC/DC. Along with AC/DC and The Angels, Rose Tattoo helped establish an Australian rock sound in the 1970s that was copied around the world.

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Turbonegra is a -based tribute band covering songs by Turbonegro. The line up is as following:
Vocals: Hanky Panky aka Amanda
Lead Guitar: Eurogirl aka Shelley
Rhythm Guitar: Commander Colpot aka Katie
Drums: Ms. Summers: Cassie
Bass: Happy-E aka Millie
From the Fjords to the Fog...
...from the ashes of the San Francisco punk rock scene rises an onslaught of Amanda, Shelley, Katie, Cassie and Millie.

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There are 2 artists under this name;
1.Perkele started in late 1993. by four guys, Ron vocals and guitar, Jonsson drums, Olof Bass and Anders Guitar. Perkele recorded the first demo tape ”Nu får det vara nog” in the beginning of 94 and next one ”Det växande hatet” in late 94, the band did so many gigs that they became a well known punk band in their hometown, the sound was back in the days very fast punk with Swedish folk music influences a sound that you still can hear even today. After a while Anders got tired of playing music and left the band and Perkele became a three member band.

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The Outlaws

There is more than one Outlaws on 1. The Outlaws are Southern rock band formed in Tampa, FL.
2. The Outlaws were a house band for Joe Meek's recording studio. --- 1) The Outlaws are Southern rock band formed in Tampa, FL in 1972 by singers/guitarists Hughie Thomasson and Henry Paul, bassist Frank O'Keefe, and drummer Monte Yoho. With the 1973 addition of guitarist Billy Jones, the lineup was complete...

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MOTO stands for Masters Of The Obvious. Pretty much it's Paul and whoever is playing with him at the time. Some people think Paul's lyrics are too dirty but most people think they are funny. MOTO write songs that are catchy. That's all that really matters. It all got started in the early 80's in New Orleans. But then Paul moved somewhere else. MOTO have released dozens of albums, some cassette only, some CDs, some are little vinyl discs like this one. You've probably never heard of MOTO. It's a good thing that now you know.

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Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons (since 1967, known off and on as Frankie Valli & The 4 Seasons - although not shown that way on any of their hit records), is an American and group from Newark, NJ. They also had a sound somewhat reminiscent of , although they were not thought of as a quartet. By the mid 1960s, The Four Seasons had become an internationally famous group. In 1960, the group known as The Four Lovers evolved into The Four Seasons...

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