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Johnny and the Deathrays

Johnny and the Deathrays is an punk band, formed in South London, England (I guess) in August 2010, consisting of Fletch (guitar, vocals), Scruff (drums, vocals), and Mat of Cold Megan fame (bass, vocals). They released their E.P. Antidote to Slow Pain in October 2010.

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The Hipshakes, The Last Next Big Thing from England according to Goner Records! Andrew, Daniel and Bruce bought instruments and formed The Hipshakes at the age of 16 and ‘learned’ to play them. Now, 6 years later they are here to unleash ‘songs’ on people. Having been cruelly rejected by most people in their own country they follow the footsteps of the Real Losers and Black Time, off their boring isle to more exciting locations around the Globe.

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Glow Kit

Garage-pop or punk-powerpop? Glow Kit don’t gamble on horses – the aesthetics here are dirty, catchy and hard-hitting. In a time when the term ‘pop music’ is luckily no longer a curse word among picky music lovers, we need musicians who know how to write a good pop song. No matter what genre or style this melody relates to! In this case, the Aarhus, Denmark duo devise a blend of / / that draws on inspiration from musicians such as The Beat, Black Lips, the late Jay Reatard and others.

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There are two bands under the name of Come:
(1) An American indie rock band.
(2) A British experimental band founded by William Bennett, who would later go on to form the very influential band Whitehouse.
(1) Come was also an American indie rock band from 1990-2001. Come was formed in Boston, Massachusetts by Thalia Zedek (vocal, guitar), Chris Brokaw (guitar, vocal), Arthur Johnson (drums), and Sean O'Brien (bass).

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Iggy and the Stooges

Really no different than The Stooges, but the artist name changed to Iggy and the Stooges (to make frontman Iggy Pop's name more conspicuous as he was clearly the most recognizable name in the band) for the 1973 album Raw Power and the live document of songs culled from two shows (including their final live performance in their original incarnation in February 1974) called Metallic K.O. Otherwise, see the biography for The Stooges for more information on the band.

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