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The Knaves

The Knaves formed in North London/Hertfordshire at the beginning of 2005 and have since spent time crafting an accomplished sound using a wide range of musical influences. The Knaves put out their first record 'Social Commentary EP' in June '05 and are looking forward to playing more gigs and unleashing themselves on the UK. Their shows so far have come with nothing but praise, high acclaim and a tinge of madness.

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The Wiyos -
Vaudevillian Ragtime Blues, Hillbilly Swing and Old Time Country
The old-time spirit of The WIYOS mirrors that of the
medicine shows of the 1920's and 30's, when black
and white musical traditions mixed liberally and
genre distinctions didn't exist between blues and
country, ragtime and gospel, or swing and hillbilly
music. Accordingly, The WIYOS write songs that are
equally influenced by music from the Blue Ridge
Mountains and New York City, mixing the more
urbane sounds of Django Reinhardt, the Gershwin

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Amber, aka Marie-Claire Cremers (b. May 9, 1969) is a Holland-born and Germany-raised singer/songwriter, label owner and executive producer. Her biggest hits include "This Is Your Night", "One More Night", "If You Could Read My Mind", "Sexual (Li Da Di)", "Yes!" and "You Move Me." Amber's music in its original form can be accurately categorized as Eurodance, Hi-NRG, House music, Dance-pop, Pop/Rock, and Electronica mingled with some Urban contemporary slow jams and Adult Contemporary ballads.

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There is only one band with this name, for the French singer-songwriter and the Italian britpop band, have a look at Amélie amelie is a melodic rock / indie rock / alternative / experimental band formed in Los Angeles, CA in 2007. The band lineup consists of:
Ace Alexander - Vocals / Piano
Justin Whitesel - Guitar
Kris Injaian - Guitar
Adam Barnett - Bass
Alex Duddy - Drums In the band's short time together, they have already toured, selling out various shows across the country. They have also played such events like: south by southwest, warped tour, and ridglea festival.

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Ewan Hennelly aka Herv is an electronic musician based in Dublin, Ireland. He has been releasing music since 2002 on labels such as Risc, Go Away Recordings, The Richter Collective, Acroplane, Alphabet Set, and Net-lab. Since 2006 he has released all his music for free on various net-labels and October 2009 saw him make the jump to the Berlin based Cock Rock Disco label with his most recent album "Not figuratively, but literally in love with music..." For a full discography and up to date information on releases and live performances please visit

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Airport Girl

Airport Girl are one of those bands that have been around for years. First appearing, with an eponymous track, on the legendary fortuna pop split 7" "Coffee Coffee" with International Strike Force and Kooky Monster, they have gone from strength to strength. Reminiscent of The Delgados, Belle and Sebastian and Pavement in equal measure, they have appeared on a wide selection of genre defining labels, including matinee recordings, Fortuna Pop and Where It's At Is Where You Are. Best known for their 2002 LP, "Honey I'm An Artist" which featured the single "Power Yr Trip".

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