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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) A Swedish Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band from Växjö.
Their sound is basically raw Hard Rock, with some NWOBHM influences, very similar to bands like AC / DC, Krokus or Accept.
The band released two albums so far; "Heading for the Top" (2006) and "Bite the Bullet" (2008). The current line up is: Hell Hofer - Vocals
Hampus Klang - Lead Guitars
Erik Almström - Lead Guitars
Adam Hector - Bass
Gustav Hjortsjö - Drums

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Wolfstone is a Scottish musical group founded in 1989 which plays Highland music combined with rock and roll. Their selection consists of both original songs as well as traditional folk pieces. The album called "Almost an Island" was their first album released on their own label, Once Bitten Records.

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Final Coil

Final Coil are an art rock collective, a punk experiment gone horribly wrong, an alternative to...well alternative. They are the evil brainchild of Pip (Metanoia / Fudulike / Hellbrigade) and his demented, tree-hugging partner in crime Richard (Fudulike / Angrave). They play rock. Loud rock. Sometimes they play ballads. Long ballads with feedback drenched endings that make their producer cry. Other people have come and gone, leaving their mark on drums (Ringo, Martin, Pedro) extra guitars (J, Nikki), Bass (Roger, Lou) but basically it's just two demented pixies causing noise carnage.

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Andrea Marini

It's quite a helpful thing in Scotland to have a girls name when your a boy.
More attention I guess.
So if you've been brought here thinking its a girl.
I'm a man. "We did not know that you could shake the walls with only an acoustic guitar. You cannot be indifferent to him. Perhaps irritating to some ears, Andrea Marini is indeed a compelling live performer. " "His voice is like Tom Waits without the cigarettes. He plays that guitar like he has 40 spare strings at hand. Accompanied on many songs by the sweet voiced Eileen, an interesting sonic combination." Tags: 
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