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Salvage My Dream

"Fisher, who also plays in a band called Violent Sky And The Lightning Kite, has been working at this music for quite some time. You can tell." - Unlikely Stories "A breathtaking voice, likened to that of the late, great, Elliott Smith. Yet also harnessing the same menacing lo-fi feel of Sonic Youth" - Rhubarb Bomb "There’s no denying his high-living, but the question does remain: was ‘drinking champagne in the back of a transit’ and ingesting a ‘million different chemicals’ worth it for this resulting E.P? The answer is a resounding yes." - Jay Lawrance

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We Sell Seashells

Leeds based 5-piece We Sell Seashells unexpectedly evolved in 2008 from the bindings of C.S Lewis' science fictional manuscripts. At first, they were primitive and highly unstable organisms. Being the offspring of the author's more peculiar writings We Sell Seashells began to grow bizarre appendages, proboscises and a number of shocking psychic influences from Lewis' much overlooked galactic saga 'The Cosmic Trilogy'.

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Chris Catalyst

Chris May is the guitarist from the rock band The Sisters of Mercy. He is also known as Chris Catalyst, or his facepaint nonsense industrial comedy alter-ego robochrist. He currently appears in glam punk band AntiProduct as Chris Catalyst. He was born in Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, England on 11 February 1980 and has played in various bands, including Catylyst, Mr Shiraz, The Dead Pets, robochrist, The Sisters of Mercy, Mi Mye, Ginger, AntiProduct (with Alex Kane from Life, Sex & Death and Clam Abuse...

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