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1) Shin is an alias for dj and producer Stephan Hinz 2) Shin is a Chinese rock band, that recently split up. Their former lead singer, recently released his own album. This artist page is incorrect. The electronica group is "The Shin"... this posting contains a mix of the two groups and is incorrect.

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After his last US-tour with Danish psychobilly band NEKROMANTIX in 2004 guitar player Peter Sandorff was hanging out in Los Angeles having beers with his friend, graphic artist GRIS GRIMLY. They decided that Gris should make a movie about cannibals and Peter should write the music. Peter immediately called his old friend Jeppe B. Jessen who also used to be the bass player in their postrock band SCHWARZWALD LIBRARY in the 90's.

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Dying Breeds

Tom Ralphs - Vocals/Guitar
Andrew Jeckell - Guitar/Vocals
Scott Blyth - Bass/Vocals
Mark Jones - Drums Formed mid 2008 and taking influence from Stray Cats, Green Day and The Hitchers, they have combined them into their own unique sound.
Dying Breeds are set for big things with the release of their debut CD "Stand Up" on the horizon, a long with their first full UK tour, Dying Breeds is most definatley a name to be looking out for in the new year.

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The Alligators

There is more than one artist with the name The Alligators. 1.)The Alligators are a hardcore punk band with members of Insted and Roger Miret of Agnostic Front. They have released two 7" eps which have also been compiled onto a s/t CD. 2.)The Alligator's are an indie/pop band from Provo, Utah. 3.) The Alligators are an ambient/indie band from Bremerton, Washington. They have released one full length album, entitled Piggy & Cups.

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The Orbitsuns

Formed in 2000 after songwriter and vocalist Vinnie Dombrowski found himself with a collection of finger blisterin’ country songs, the Orbitsuns have been entertaining audiences throughout the U.S. with Detroit music scene veteran Tim Duvalier, that’s Sir Tim Duvalier to you, on guitar, lap steel and vocals; Jimmy Paluzzi on drums, and Bob Hecker on bass, the band has built quite a following. And if you think one rockin’ set after another is all these good ole boys are made for - check out their latest...

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Ricky Spontane

Taken from their Facebook page (not that it does them justice because they're a much loved band originally from Liverpool that were too lazy to take over the world!) - "Post punk quirk with a modicum of yelp. Their sentiment and melodies will walk with you always. Hometown: Made originally in Liverpool but they now prowl the world." Taken from band website - "The Liverpudlian garage punk behemoths it's okay to snog during your first date" (NME)

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There are three bands which have used the name Spectres: 1. Spectres was a 4-piece screamo band from San Fransisco, California.
Spectres formed in 2005 and was originally called Maudlin.
Due to copyrights they were forced to change their name.
They became Spectres in early 2006 and broke up in 2008. Spectres was signed to Forever Escaping Boredom & Yehonala Tapes. 2. Spectres is a post punk band from Vancouver Canada, their sound shares similarities with bands such as The Mob and Joy Division.

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The Knockouts

There are several artists named "The Knockouts" ; - A band from Stockholm, Sweden
Success has followed THE KNOCKOUTS, stealing the trophy for the Best Punk Album at the American Independent Music Awards and with the single ‘A Lie Like In Natalie’, on high rotation on radio. They have been on the biggest European rock festivals such as P&L, PiP, West Coast Riot, Azkena Rock Spain, and more.

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The Tearaways

1) Forming in late 2009 The Tearaways are a draw on a range of different influences from Rockabilly, Folk & Country to Punk, Ska & Reggae combined to create hard hitting songs of the common struggle that are straight from the heart. With live shows that are as honest as the working day is long and as passionate as a man’s love for beer it’s a family gathering and you’re all invited!

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