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T-99 (Amsterdam/The Netherlands) has proven to belong to the top of the alternative European roots scene of today. With their eclectic mix of rock 'n' roll, blues, country, surf, punk together with a touch of eastern European and north African influences, they tour all over Europe since 1999. T-99 are three young bohemian characters and an old dog, playing on vintage and weird instruments with wild energy and a high dose of passion, carrying out an original blend of musical styles what could be defined as the T-99 sound.

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Narvel Felts

Narvel Felts (born November 11, 1938 in Keiser, Arkansas) is an American country music singer. Known for his soaring tenor and high falsetto, Felts enjoyed his greatest success during the 1970s, most famously 1975's "Reconsider Me." Raised in Bernie, Missouri where he attended Bernie High School, Felts was discovered during a talent show at the school. He had been encouraged to participate in the show by some of his classmates, and it just so happened that a talent agent was attending the performance at the time.

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The Tearaways

1) Forming in late 2009 The Tearaways are a draw on a range of different influences from Rockabilly, Folk & Country to Punk, Ska & Reggae combined to create hard hitting songs of the common struggle that are straight from the heart. With live shows that are as honest as the working day is long and as passionate as a man’s love for beer it’s a family gathering and you’re all invited!

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The Mad Bones

The Mad Bones are a Rockabilly band from Market Harborough,South Leicestershire,U.K..
Formed in July 2012 featuring
Jay Luker(Ex Rock-o-Las) Bass
Matt Lewsey (Ex-Rock-o-Las) Drums
Rick Abbs (Ex everybody) Guitar Original material by Jay and unique covers of standards.
Made their debut at The Musician,Leicester and have also
played at The Crumblin`Cookie,High st,Leicester. Fans of High Energy Rockabilly played tight n fast-watch out!

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DETOURS are an acoustic rock pop act from Saddleworth, Manchester, UK. Ez Jon Erikson formed the band as an acoustic trio in 2001 with his brother Sam Johnson and their friend Julian Flindle, writing, recording and performing their own material, drawing on all of their rock, pop, folk, country, soul, gospel and even brass band influences. Their music does not fit into any typical stereotype, but is very eclectic.

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