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Send More Paramedics

The name Send More Paramedics is a reference to the 1985 horror/comedy, Return of the Living Dead. The band originally formed as a side project of Leeds band 'And None of Them Knew They Were Robots, but have gained a higher profile than And None of Them Knew They Were Robots, who have since split up. The band played in the 1980s crossover style, what they described as "Zombiecore... a fusion of 80s thrash and modern hardcore punk", with lyrics about zombies and cannibalism, and are heavily influenced by zombie movies.

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Salvage My Dream

"Fisher, who also plays in a band called Violent Sky And The Lightning Kite, has been working at this music for quite some time. You can tell." - Unlikely Stories "A breathtaking voice, likened to that of the late, great, Elliott Smith. Yet also harnessing the same menacing lo-fi feel of Sonic Youth" - Rhubarb Bomb "There’s no denying his high-living, but the question does remain: was ‘drinking champagne in the back of a transit’ and ingesting a ‘million different chemicals’ worth it for this resulting E.P? The answer is a resounding yes." - Jay Lawrance

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James Sant

James is an unsigned songwriter from Harrogate, UK. An active musician for 15 years, he started his career behind the keyboards in a high school band, wearing an ill-advised baseball cap and a smug self-satisfied grin. But the years were not kind, and the grin has gradually been replaced by a look of world-weary resignation and a furrowed brow, some of the outwardly visible results of a decade spent fighting to reconcile the internal cynic with the fatalist romantic, and failing spectacularly to do so. The war rages on.

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Ray Hearne

An established songwriter and musician, Ray is also well known in Yorkshire for his appearances on regional television and weekly BBC Radio Sheffield broadcasts featuring his own and other writers' poetry. Born in Rotherham of Irish parents, he still lives and works in the town and tries in his songs to bring the two cultures together; Irish and South Yorkshire; contemporary songs in a traditional idiom.

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The Creeks

The Creeks are an alternative indie rock band, formed in the suburbs of East Leeds, UK. The band recently recorded their debut album "S.M.I.L.E" and are giving it away free here: www.thecreeks.co.uk/music Members:
Ste Pye
Shaneen Dawkins
Jamie Mooney
Martyn Spencer Featured Artists:
Jon Bw
Gaz Sefton
Chris Dawkins/Earl Tutu Peace, love and unity

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Sam Harrison

Born and bred in Sheffield, 22 year old Sam Harrison hails from the north having grown up fully immersed within the 90’s movement of British indie rock music. Drawing from many influences he is a multi-instrumentalist combining his efforts on the bass guitar, drums, acoustic guitar and piano. Sam has a uniquely melodious voice with a touch of grit, which moves him alongside the entourage with the likes of Kelly Jones and David Gray.

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Skint & Demoralised

Skint & Demoralised are an English band formed on MySpace in May 2007. Originally just Wakefield performance poet Matt Abbott, the act became a duo when Abbott responded to an offer of collaboration from a mysterious Sheffield-based songwriter/producer known as MiNI dOG. A songwriting partnership quickly developed over the Summer of 2007 and in August of that year they assembled a live band of numerous Sheffield musicians. Uploading their demos onto a free download site, they eventually received over 8,600 free downloads before signing a deal with Mercury Records in March 2008.

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