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System Divide

System Divide is a band. Founded in Israel and Belgium in 2008, SYSTEM DIVIDE quickly became a transnational project with in its rank vocalists Sven De Caluwe (Aborted) and Miri Milman (ex-Distorted), longtime friends Cole Martinez (ex Years of Fire, Antenora), Andrew Lenthe (Antenora), and Mike Heller (Malignancy).
SYSTEM DIVIDE set out to revolutionize the conventions of the over-saturated melodic death metal genre, proving that extreme metal can have more depth than blast beats, while female vocals do not have to conform to the precepts of the “Goth” genre.

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ENTHRONED is a Belgian black metal band that was formed in 1993 by Cernunnos. He soon recruited guitarist Tsebaoth and later bassist/vocalist Sabathan. The band released a 5-track demo tape in mid 1994 which brought them to the attention of several independent labels. A 7” split EP with Ancient Rites was then released by the underground label Afterdark Records. After the label’s demise, Evil Omen Records (a sub-label of Osmose Productions) released ENTHRONED's first full-length release, Prophecies of Pagan Fire.

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Point of View

There are at least 5 bands with the name Point of View: 1. Point of View(POV) is a German synthpop band formed in the mid 90's. 2. Point of View is also a progressive rock/metal band residing in Poland with three releases to their credit. 3. Point of View also is a Belgian positive hardcore band who brings you Oldschool Beatdown ! 4. Point of View is the greatest pop punk band alive and are from northeast pa. you like blink like them.

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There is more than one artist with this name: (1) American pop-punk group based out of Boston, MA on Run For Cover Records.
(2) Post-Rock band from Ghent, Belgium
(3) American electronic/classical band.
(4) American A Cappella Group
(5) Norwegian band (1) An American pop-punk group based out of Boston, MA. Along the lines of Lifetime, Saves the Day, Polar Bear Club, and Hot Water Music.

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Jonathan Vandenbroeck is the 27 year-old singer-songwriter, otherwise known as Milow. This last year has seen Milow have enormous chart success right across Europe with his cover of 50 Cent’s ‘Ayo Technology’. Milow’s career began in 2004 when he was a finalist in the biggest rock contest in Belgium ‘Humo’s Rock Rally’. Within the next few years, and acting as his own manager, Milow achieved 2 gold singles and 2 gold albums in Belgium, eight Music Industry Awards (MIA), and he has released two albums The Bigger Picture and his second Coming of Age.

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The Rocket

There are 2 artists using this name: 1) The Rocket is a Belgian power pop (poppy oriented punk rock) band. They originated in the summer of 2007 near Antwerp. Band members are: - Geoff Van Calster (keyboards and backing vocals)
- Tom De Ridder (rhythm guitar and lead vocals)
- Stijn Debontridder (lead guitar and backing vocals)
- Rogier De Vries (drums)
- Joris Goetstouwers (bass guitar and backing vocals) The Rocket have released their debut self titled album in October 2009, and will release their sophomore EP 'Tales Of Madness And Mischief' in July 2010 on Funtime Records.

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