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There are several artists using this name: Red (USA) (often typeset as R3D) is an American alternative band formed in Nashville, Tennessee in 2004. Musically influenced by artists such as Linkin Park, Chevelle, and Muse, Red's style is the rare symphonic rock which blends guitars and strings with passionate vocals. The songs on End of Silence deconstruct struggles that listeners face, while painting a picture of redemption in the midst of brokenness. According to lead vocalist Mike Barnes, Red stands for the blood of Christ and what it represents: passion, pain, but ultimately, redemption.

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Sentenced was a Finnish band, formed in 1989 and disbanded in 2005. Sentenced was originally formed in 1989 in the town of Muhos, Finland as a band. The band produced their first album "Shadows Of The Past" in 1991 with singer/guitarist Miika Tenkula. The next two albums "North From Here" and "Amok" and the following EP "Love & Death" had bassist Taneli Jarva as singer, but in 1995 Taneli decided to take a few years off to rest before starting a new band, The Black League. Sentenced recruited Ville Laihiala in 1996 and put out the album "Down".

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Frostmoon Eclipse

There are two bands using the name Frostmoon Eclipse: 1) Frostmoon Eclipse is a black metal project from Italy dealing with death and the negative sides of life. The music is generally melodic and filled with lots of acoustic guitar sections. Discography:
1995 Cold Silvery Eye Demo
1997 ...To Exalt My Triumph Demo
1999 Supreme Triumph In Black MCD
2000 Revenge In Scorn 7"
2001 Gathering The Dark CD
2003 Death Is Coming CD
2004 split CD w/Ritual Day
2005 Dead And Forver Gone CD
2007 Another Face Of Hell CD

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... is a black metal band, started in 2007 as international project, the group in now located in Parma, Italy, with only Italian members.
Since their formation, they have released a demo, a full-length and two split albums. Discography
2007 - Suffering Existence (demo)
2009 - Somebody Save Me (full-length)
2011 - Cold Journey Through Madness (split with Dead and Vidharr)
2012 - The Path Toward Forgetfulness (split with Shyy) Members
Current line-up:
Lateliis - vocals, lyrics
Gabriel - clean vocals, lyrics

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The Dash

The Dash were a german rock band formed in 1998 in the low lands of the Rhine, consisting of Oliver laarmanns (guitar/background), Manfred ludewig (bass), Karl schillings (vocals) and Sascha tiebeke (drums/background). They released the 5 track EP "Roundabout" in late 1998.
The Dash is also a Finnish grunge metal band formed in 2003 consisting of band members: Lauri Koski (vocals, guitar), Jarkko Hassinen (bass, vocals), Tony Suominen (drums) and Samuli Väänänen (guitar).

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Serotonal is a band created in 2004 by Darren White, Jon Francis-White and Gary Hill. Darren White was the original singer of Anathema, one of the forerunners of British doom metal and later The Blood Divine. Darren also made a guest appearance on Cradle of Filth’s first album ‘The Principle of Evil Made Flesh.’ At the end of 2004, Francis-White, Hill and White got together to try out some of their ideas, and in 2004 they recorded their first few tracks. The promo is suitably entitled, The End of Everything, which is currently available on line via iTunes.

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Bethlehem is a band from Grevenbroich, Germany, formed in 1991 by Jürgen Bartsch and Kläus Matton. Before begetting Bethlehem, Bartsch and Matton used to play in a German Thrash metal band called Morbid Vision. Much of the themes in their lyrics revolve around sickness, morbidity, suicide, death and madness that may to some extent be personal to the band, though they are very difficult to understand even for German speakers because they make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Tags: 
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Forming in Melbourne in 2006, Rainshadow merge melancholy and darkness with melody and rock. Latest album 'Waters Imperium' contains ten tracks that explore ideas of loss and separation as well as the beauty found in depressing places. The focus is on doomy guitar riffs with keyboards and catchy choruses to truly capture the atmosphere. With tracks played on national radio station Triple J and coverage in international media, Rainshadow aim to become permanent players in the dark rock/doom

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