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Manorexia is an experimental instrumental project of composer J.G. Thirlwell (primarily of Foetus). Manorexia was formed in 2001. As opposed to Thirlwell's other instrumental group, Steroid Maximus, Manorexia features no collaborators and eschews musical structure for a more free-form and spontaneous approach. The results are often described as cinematic and textural. To date all albums have been released on Thirlwell's own Ectopic Ents label. Until recently have been sold only at concerts or via the Official Foetus Website.

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There are at least two bands called Audioporn. In the UK Audioporn are Adrien Munden, Che Albrighton, Pete Coombs and Lucy Underhill (Lucy replaced Simon Abott in 2004). They have release two albums: Tank (2003) and A Message From Our Sponsors (2007). And are currently working on their 3rd album and testing new material at gigs this summer. Lucy and Che are also members of Lynch Rider Lulu. Audioporn Fan site Audioporned:

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Hot Donkey

Hot Donkey Biog Formed from the congealed bloody vodka tears and stinging rectal pain of existence amongst the shuffling, hunched, grey masses – Hot Donkey have just one thing on their mind... One unending mission. A quest, if you will allow me to wax wankerish, to inject Technicolor into the grainy, crackled and scratched Eastman Film stock that is modern Earth-based life. Never wavering, never resting, never ordering a de-caff...

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1) DEVolution are a garage/dub duo consisting of Pete Devereux (Ex-Artful Dodger) and former Size Records artist Tom Devos. The DEVolution duo are writing, producing and playing music which can generally be described as in the dubstep genre, but which they call "Embrace the Bass". DEVolution write on their Facebook page [] the following: "DEVolution is a natural progression for Pete Devereux, whose work with Artful Dodger helped to define the UK Garage scene as a major mainstream genre.

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With a name as elusive as the melodies that just hint in order to vanish, jasmin’s songs are revealing the possibilities of a minimal guitar trio. Sometimes jointly, sometimes in fierce competition, guitar, bass, drums and minimal electronics are spinning enticing textures. Those pleadings against the imperative of lyrics, you don’t have to call them post rock if you don’t want to. The deliberation annihilates itself by its sheer sustainability: On stage the guitarist frequently collides with the solid wall of bass and drums, disrupting it in feedback fever.

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The Gothenburg Address

Edinburgh based. Songs with story rather than structure. **update** 1/4/08 it was already written, just unspoken. The band will form and the notes will fly. Side kicks are on their way and they ride the breeze with blank pages ... WATCH THIS SPACE. ----> <-----

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Bruno Sanfilippo

Bruno Sanfilippo is a classically trained musician and composer who has been creating music for more than 20 years. His focus alternates between the exploration of concepts, and hybrids of and acoustic music."His gift for picture music is the common thread running through it, his earlier works sounding more like music and his later works moving into more realms, though still with a strong sense of imagery" Te is obsessed with the search for new and unique qualities in music - the amazing, the magical and the deep.

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