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Yowie, a dual-guitar and drums trio from St. Louis, have been stunning audiences with their incomparable barrage of sonic kung fu. They accelerate the progressive-rock rhythmic sensibilities of Ruins and Magma and mutate them with the shrieker side of Big Black and Slayer. The band incorporates many variations in time signature, tempo, and tuning, to create a virtual audio maze, but no matter how complex things get, their compositions remain cohesive and compelling. After releasing their debut album Cryptooology on Skin Graft, they lost a guitarist.

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Luca Brasi

There are multiple artists with the name Luca Brasi: 1) Luca Brasi are a 4 piece Tasmanian Post-hardcore/punk rock band based in Launceston, Tasmania. The band formed in Mid 2009.The band comprises of Tyler Richardson (Bass/Lead Vox), Tom Busby (Guitar/Back Up Vox), Mitchell Dobson (Guitar/Back Up Vox) and Saxon Hall (Drums) the boys quickly slapped together a demo of four songs and have been handing out free copies to anyone and everyone who would listen.

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Cunt Butcher

Cunt Butcher is a grindcore band, formed in 2004 in Sydney, Australia but now based in Brisbane. Originally a solo project for Carcass Butcher, the band has been through several lineup changes and cofigurations. For almost two years Carcass and second bass player Cadbury Redbeard, together with a drum machine, terrorised the Sydney live music scene with raw meat, islamic blowup dolls, pigs, nudity, blood (both human and animal) and assorted other fluids, as well as playing some ultra-politically correct grindcore in between.

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BATALJ is a Berlin-based experimental noise/trash/mayhem outfit whose members originate from Sweden and Australia. With distorted analog synthesizers accompanied by frantic drum assaults, effect-drenched guitar arrangements and shrieking vocals the three-piece concocts a barely comprehensible soundscape of deformed rythms, riffs, blasts, bleeps and more or less controlled chaos. Taking their cues from diverse musical damaged goods hailing from hardcore punk all the way through to harsh experimental noise BATALJ creates a truly furious and highly inventive sonic assault.

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There is more than one artist called Hermit. 1) Hermit is the solo project of Eric Boros who was also of Third World Planet, and who is nowdays involved in the duo Vialka 2) Blackpool is home to Pook and Loki using laptops and gameboys to produce music.

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2-piece noisegrind from sydney, australia. formed 2008
9 track demo 2009
13 track digipak CD "i am become" 2010
9-track mini-CD EP 2011 - available through mathias huxley - throat, strings, samples;
muzz - blasts

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3 bands are named Cholera: 1. Cholera is a band from Cleveland Ohio. Signing to Compton Records in early 08, they released an EP called "The Answer To Infection". Now, a few drummers later, Cholera is back in the studio, recording new music for pressing. Johnny Appleseed? 2. Cholera is a Industrial Black Metal/ Dark Ambient band from Finland formed in 2005 and has released a demo in 2005 called Kolkko then later in 2005 released a full length titled Kolkko II - Soundtrack of Oppression.

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Noisecore from Melbourne, Australia. Releases:
Kill Live Music (cass) - Beard Mafia Records
Fatal Postion Split 3"
Breakdancing Ronald Reagan Split 3"
Chaotic Sound Split cdr
From The Arse End Of The Anglosphere - full length album cdr
8-Way To Destroy The Music #1 3"
S/T EP cdr
Negative Deadlist (cass) sep 2012 Tags: 
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