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Dj Mad Dog

Filippo Calcagni aka Dj Mad Dog started his DJ career just as joke. In 1995 after 3 years of hard work with the tecnichs, he met two friends (an M.C. and a DJ) with whom he formed a team: HARDCORE TERRORISTS. With this team Filippo has a lot of success especially in his city Rome.
In 1996 the Hardcore Terrorists made their debut with their first live-act at the QUBE (one of the symbol club in Rome). After that night, the performances of this team followed one another and their success was unavoidable!

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Holy Moly

There are multiple groups known as "Holy Moly." One is a "cowpunk" band from Fort Worth, Texas. Another is a folk-rock/country-rock group from Brooklyn, NY featuring Jared Friedman along with Jeremy and Daniella Joseph. The following biographical information pertains to the Fort Worth-based band: Holy Moly is a high-energy four piece cowpunk band from Fort Worth, Texas. They have independently recorded and released three albums, winning “Album of the Year” in the 2009 Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards.

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Mark EG

Constantly searching for new sounds, original production talent and cutting edge club music, Mark EG is at the forefront of the UK's new music movement. But he refuses to be labeled. And this sometimes chameleon-like addiction to music has held Mark responsible not only for some of the most ground breaking releases in the hard techno world over the last few years (The Anxious), but also partly for the underground explosion of both hard trance and hardstyle through the UK.

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Justin Time

Born in Porto, Portugal in 1980 began producing at the age of 16 in computer software. Sometimes dj, other times (more rare) live production, but mostly he produces for his own relentless satisfaction. Hard to discribe as genre his sound is a mix between his state of mind and the coincidences of life at the precise moment when the producing starts. Aspiring to produce sound for the ones that are next to him and those that love music, his personal pleasure is the aim.

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Alien T

Marco Collini was born on the 9th of March 1983 in Campobasso and he always liked music, he started to love electronic music when he was child, and in 2000 he listened for the first time hardcore music in a compilation of that period (Extreme 2000) and he loved it at the first listening. In 2002 Marco bought his first turntables and started to improve his skills in deejaying, but in his city unfortunately there wasn't hardcore music, and he must go to Rome to buy Vinyls and CD's...

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