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Ghost Mice

Ghost Mice is a two-piece folk-punk band that hails from Bloomington, IN. Ghost Mice was created from the ashes of former pop-punk bands The Devil Is Electric and Operation: Cliff Clavin. Chris Johnston (aka Chris Clavin) and Hannah who played guitar and bass respectively for OP:CC and TDIE, decided to make their act acoustic so they could tour more easily and play almost anywhere. In their own words: "We play 100% acoustic. We never use amps or mics (except once at Plan-It-X Fest). We have been playing in bands together for about 7 years.

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Racebannon is an genre-defying avant hardcore punk band from Indianapolis which formed in 1996. Begun as a screamo band on Witching Hour Records, the band has constantly evolved its sound over the decade adding in elements such as noise, metal riffs and DJ scratching. Throughout it all though they have always played an aggressive, noisy and ambitious style of rock. The band has released material on dozens of record labels and were most recently signed to Secretly Canadian.The name Racebannon is taken from the bodyguard of Dr.

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Crocus started early summer 2007, unsatisfied with former projects, they decided to quicken the pace, up the beats and pour every last drop of honesty and emotion they have into what can now be called Crocus. With ethics and values as important to the band members as the sound itself, they are all about honest expression, self-exploration and integrity. They combine elements of 90's screamo and power violence, and are an amazing live band.

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There is more than one artist(s) with the name Iconoclast 1) Iconoclast formed in the early 90's in New Jersey amidst a flourishing of diverse hardcore bands, such as Rorshach, Born Against, 1.6 band, Native Nod, Policy of 3, Merel, Greyhouse, Chisel. They recorded their self-titled first 7" for the Ebullition label, followed by a split 7" with the band Merel. Ebullition also released their 'Groundlessness of Belief' 7" and a discography on CD.

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The Fiction

The Fiction can refer to at least 3 bands.
(1) A math-rock/screamo band from New York in the 00s.
(2) An angular post-punk band from East London in the late 00s.
(3) A psychedelic grunge/punk group from Melbourne/Sydney Australia established 2010
(4) A dynamic three piece hailing From Manchester. (1) The Fiction began in late 2001. This New York City band features ex-members of EM-50, Six of One, Kaneda, Freebooters and Corrupt Autopilot. Their evolution from one record to the next has been tremendous as they incorporate their disparate influences into a cohesive sound.

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Heart on My Sleeve

Heart On My Sleeve are a new started Screamo band from Stockholm, Sweden, with former members of Followed by 37 seconds of happiness & The Hope & The Failure.
And you can definitely hear the sound from their former bands!

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Suis La Lune

Suis La Lune is Swedish screamo band from Stockholm and Gothenburg. The band was formed in February 2005. They have toured most of Europe and played the United States twice. Right now the band is in the process of writing and recording a new album. In 2010, their 10" EP Heir (2008) was re-issued by Swedish label Black Star Foundation. Members from Suis La Lune also play in Mixtapes & Cellmates, Sore Eyelids, September Malevolence, Years Passing, helvete också, new decade, Sällskapsresan and Skeletor.

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