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Carpathian Forest

Carpathian Forest (previously known as "The Childmolesters", then "Enthrone") emerged with the demo tape "Bloodlust and Perversion" in 1992. In 1993 the band released a second demo: Journey Through the Cold Moors of Svarttjern. The following year, Forest signed to Avantgarde Music and recorded their first EP, Through Chasm, Caves and Titan Woods in 1995, followed by the debut album Black Shining Leather in 1998.

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The Devil's Blood

The Devil's Blood (http://thedevilsblood.com) is an occult rock band from the Netherlands formed in 2006. "We will serve you with what can best be described as a Satanic Ritual in which crowd participation becomes pivotal. You will wear our blood, you will taste our hunger, you will devour our spiritual release. Although far above you and unattainable for you in the current stages of your evolution, We, the acolytes of His immortal will, welcome you to join us in a night of violence, substance abuse, love and hate.

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Spaghetti Anywhere

London-based Spaghetti Anywhere is the brainchild of housemates Francis Cullen and Valerio Cerini.
Formed in 2008, Spaghetti Anywhere's synthy pop keyboards and cheery indie folk guitars have been compared to The Pastels, The Smiths, Altered Images and Belle and Sebastian.
Chartering life's essential rites of passage like falling in love, drunken fights and getting dumped, Spaghetti Anywhere combine a lyrical melancholy and nostalgia with an optimistic bounciness, which plays out like a soundtrack to both your most cringing teenage embarrassments and the memory of your first kiss.

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